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Jeb’s Last Name has Nothing to do with Why He Shouldn’t Be President

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On one hand, the response has been good. We’re seeing more conservative groups and individuals going after Jeb Bush now before it’s too late. On the other hand, some of what we’re seeing is poor, particularly attacking the idea of a dynasty or similarities to the former Presidents Bush.

His name and his family really have very little to do with why Americans, particularly conservatives, should not want him to be the next President. It’s a combination of his ideas and his incompetence that make him dangerous.

First and foremost, he has already demonstrated with his campaign before it has officially begun that he makes very poor choices. First, his PAC hired Ethan Czahor who quickly resigned when offensive Tweets came to light. Either they didn’t vet him out properly (his Twitter account was public) or they didn’t think his Tweets were a big deal. Either way, it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of how voters and the media will view the people with which he surrounds himself.

That alone is inexcusable, but he and his team did even worse by releasing all of his emails including ones with personal data on Florida citizens. They published people’s social security numbers, among other pieces of personal information. This demonstrates carelessness and, again, a lack of understanding of how “that pesky technology thing” works in 2015.

Jeb Bush is a Bush. To some, this is a positive thing. To others, it’s a negative. That should not be the focus of candidates or conservative groups who do not want him to be President. The man is racking up mistakes left and right, demonstrating that he is not nearly competent enough to represent the Republican party, let alone be our next President.

Focus on the issues. There’s no need to make it personal or to make his name an issue. He’s accumulating enough fatal mistakes regardless of his last name.

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