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Kate’s Law Should Be a Standalone Vote

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There are a lot of things that Bill O’Reilly says and does that don’t fit with conservative concepts, but when it comes to Kate’s Law, he’s spot on. Republican candidate Ted Cruz agrees, of course, since he’s the one who introduced the bill in the first place. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell doesn’t seem to agree with O’Reilly and Cruz that Kate’s Law needs to be a standalone bill.

This needs to get passed. There are two ways to get it passed – make it a standalone vote in the Senate or attach it to a “must pass” bill, both of which are tactics supported by Cruz. With the first scenario, the bill with either pass or the Democrats will have to go on record as siding with aggravated felons who reenter the country illegally. The second will get the bill passed as long as it can get attached.

We support the first option. As a standalone, it would most likely pass which is the end goal. It will also expose Democrats who fight the bill for political reasons. Such a bill draws criticism from the left for some of the most insane reasons, even in the left-leaning media. For example, The Atlantic says that it would cause a swelling of the prison system.

Then, there’s the New York Times. This beacon of falsehoods tried to turn the conversation about Kate Steinle’s death into rhetoric about the assailant being the victim. He was a poor homeless man who accidentally gunned down Steinle when a bullet he fired randomly from a gun he had stolen ricocheted. Sadly, the left is embracing this as justification for not wanting to deport aggravated felon illegal immigrants from coming back across the border multiple times.

Cruz is trying to make Kate’s Law happen.

The most important thing that needs to happen is for Kate’s Law to be passed. If this can happen as a standalone vote that exposes those against the bill as the harmful politicians they are, even better.

Here’s O’Reilly interviewing Cruz on the topic. It should be noted that O’Reilly is not a fan of Cruz, even neglecting in most broadcasts to mention the Senator who introduced the bill but promoting candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson for supporting it. Obviously we’re not fans of O’Reilly’s pseudo-conservative views but we have to look at everything issue by issue. On Kate’s Law, we stand behind O’Reilly.

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