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Kentucky County Clerk: The Wrong Fight at the Right Time

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It’s hard for us to go against anyone who is fighting for religious freedoms in America today. They are under attack regardless of what the left says and there are plenty of sad and engrossing examples of this happening in our country. Unfortunately, the situation with Kim Davis and her role in a Kentucky County Clerk’s office is not one of those examples. In fact, it hurts the cause.

Her actions have painted this as the big fight that’s drawing a line in the sand. While it’s possible to sympathize and disagree as we do, most are either for her plight or against it. This is a bad thing for the cause. It paints the wrong picture of someone who has religious beliefs that go contrary to the law of the land. She is doing what she feels is right by staying true to her faith and on the surface this is admirable but once you dig deeper, there are problems. She is drawing in attention when it needs to be drawn in the most, but the case for her actions is a weak one.

They wanted to work with her. The said that she did not have to personally participate, that her assistants could do it. They said that they would hear her complaints and they did. Then they denied her. She is trying to buck the system over her convictions but she’s doing so from a terrible perspective. To make it worse, she’s not the poster child of a cause that desperately needs some. Four marriages makes her an easy target for the left. Sticking to her guns and taking jail time is getting the publicity, but she could have done something that would have been much more impactful.

She should have resigned.

At a time when we need to galvanize around this cause, she inserted herself in as the beacon of it. She has no place being that beacon. I’m not trying to judge her. I’m simply saying that if her goal was to truly glorify God and fight the system, she should have done so as someone who chose to resign because of her faith.

What’s worse is that candidates like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are vocally supporting her. She’s not the right person to support. Cruz more than anyone has been able to find the righteous causes that need our support. This is one that taints the list.

There are much better examples of religious liberties being dismantled. Kim Davis is one that should have been avoided.

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