Krauthammer is Right About Poor Republican Strategy

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The good news is that  Republicans in Congress are finally starting to stand up and demonstrate the conservative principles that guided the party until the mid- to late-90s. The bad news is that they handled this situation like silly schoolboys too shy to make the right move at the right time, so they botched it mightily when they finally asked a girl to dance.

They could have, should have, been courting the American people over the debt ceiling. The upcoming debate already has most Americans believing that the government should not continue to raise the debt ceiling whether Obamacare defunding is attached or not. Had they used this popularity as leverage to make a win out of the eventual backwards step of raising the debt ceiling once again, the American people would have heralded it as a properly played political move and would have participated in having action taken. Instead, the Republicans shot their argument out there prematurely over and are now faced with a lose-lose situation.

The longer they keep going with the government shutdown, the more they’ll lose. The moment they relent (and they will relent) is the moment that the White House wins.

This whole situation was handled about as poorly as the last presidential election campaign. Here’s the video:

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