Undue Burden

The Left Promotes ‘Undue Burden’ in Texas. What About the Undue Burden on the Unborn?

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The argument that the left is making as the Supreme Court prepares to release their ruling on the Texas health safety law regarding abortion clinics is one that we should all have been able to predict. They say that there’s an undue burden on those who seek to have an abortion.

This would be an acceptable argument if there was nobody else involved. For any American to have to jump through hoops to receive the type of medical care they require is truly an undue burden, but there’s a catch, here. There’s another life at stake. There’s another human who is being affected by their desire to remove the undue burden. That life is the person who is getting murdered.

It’s very likely that the court will rule to strike down the law. Unless Anthony Kennedy can be persuaded to shift his view, it’s going to be a 5-3 loss which means that Antonin Scalia would not have been able to make a difference in this case. The argument is going to focus on undue burden. Nobody will be speaking for the undue burden on the unborn.

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