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Marco Rubio gets a Lot of Endorsements… Except in Florida Where They Know Him Best

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In 2008, Senator Barack Obama received by far the most endorsements from his home in Illinois. This year, Senator Ted Cruz is raking in endorsements from Texas. One would think that Senator Marco Rubio would be doing well in his home state of Florida, but he’s actually not. In fact, he’s the only candidate who is being asked by a good number of his own constituents to step down.

It seems like the people who like Rubio the least are the ones who know him the best.

He is definitely racking up the endorsements, but many are coming from liberal California and Colorado. In fact, there are seven states that give him more endorsements than his home state. Here’s a map of where he’s doing best in the endorsement race:

In this political cycle, endorsements don’t seem to be carrying much weight. However, a lack of endorsements from one’s own home state should be conspicuous.

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