Mitch McConnell Should Drop the Recording Scandal

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Mitch McConnell

There are times when publicity should be harnessed. Often the best type of publicity to promote is the type that paints a politician as a victim, which is the situation that Mitch McConnell and his campaign staff find themselves in after liberal super PAC Progress Kentucky allegedly taped the Senate Minority Leader and his campaign staff during a strategy session discussing then-potential opponent Ashley Judd.

In this specific instance, the point has been made and it’s time to for his team to let it go. It isn’t that they want the story to go away. It’s that at this point, the story has legs of its own and there’s nothing that McConnell or his staff can do to make it any more beneficial. Every subsequent mention of the “Nixonian tactics” will do nothing more than turn people off

Progress Kentucky is a shining example of why super PACs shouldn’t exist in the first place, but that’s another discussion altogether. What’s important to know is that these political simpletons have already done enough to solidify the Senator’s re-election in 2014 for now. Things can change quickly in politics, but their alleged actions have given McConnell a comfortable boost against anyone the democrats put up against him.

Damage done. Now it’s time for McConnell to drop it. At this point, it’s a lot like a joke. You tell it once, then you let the people laugh. You don’t tell it again and again. Let it go. It won’t drop off the radar. Despite the liberal leanings of the mainstream media, the story is too juicy for them to sweep under the rug. They’ll continue to cover it whether McConnell or his staff talk about it going forward.

Now, it’s time to get back to business. McConnell’s team needs to play this off as an unfortunate and comical circumstance. They need to promote the concept that the authorities have it under control and that they will no longer be focusing any of their effort on the subject because America needs action, not attention given to morons. They need to take the high road and get back to work. There’s no need to milk this any more. It will continue to pour out milk on its own for as long as it needs to and will die off at the right time. Prolonging it artificially by participating in the discussion cannot help their cause.

People love victims, but they don’t like whiny political victims. The point has been made. Move on and let the press do their job.

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