Remembering Mitt Romney’s Flips and Flops

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Mitt Romney

The fate of the country rests in Florida and will be determined Tuesday. It appears that Floridians are leaning towards Mitt Romney. This would be a huge mistake.

Lest we forget, Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama. The Republican Establishment appears dead-set to put another Dole/McCain moderate on the fast-track to face Obama because they simply do not understand how presidential elections work in this day and age. The video below, put together by someone supporting Ron Paul (who would be equally disastrous as the GOP candidate), points to one of Romney’s major flaws that will be exploited by Obama’s campaign team over and over again if Florida sends him up as the candidate: flip-flopping.

If you live in Florida or know someone who does, please get this over to them. Mitt Romney is a good business man. He would make an excellent adviser or cabinet member. He should not be the GOP nominee for President.


  1. Uma

    The fiusnent part of the whole thing is how all of the part time front running assholes come to New York to kiss the ring of that rodeo clown Trump as if this shit bag is a key player in the Republican party!They don’t care what they say or what they do no matter how foolish they look or who they have to suck up to as long as they get what I call the Belvue vote.

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