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Nancy Pelosi invokes patriotism to protect DREAMers

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There aren’t many things the President has done that we would consider to be “conservative” or even acceptable, but the potential that he’s about to keep his promise by ending DACA is an exception. We don’t just like it. We love it.

Needless to say, the Democrats aren’t as happy about it. In fact, their default leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement saying the President is using “pure political cowardice” in his attack on DREAMers.

There’s one big problem with her statement as well as a handful of minor ones. The big problem is that nowhere in her statement does it mention the inconvenient fact that these DREAMers were brought to the United States illegally. This is an extremely important fact for the Congresswoman to ignore.

Being granted the right to live and work in the United States because their parents were the ones who brought them here illegally is wrong. If someone steals a Playstation for their kid, that kid can’t keep it just because they were the innocent recipient of stolen property. With DACA, the rights to work and live here were stolen by their parents. Just because DREAMers weren’t the ones who stole these rights doesn’t mean they should be entitled to keep them.

Pelosi says that DREAMers are patriots. That may be the case, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to keep what was not theirs initially. There are other potential patriots who are entering the country legally. What does it say to those who work hard to get here and contribute when all someone has to do is sneak their children into the country without going through the proper channels? Their innocence does not entitle them to keep what was stolen on their behalf.

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