Naperville Smart Meters: 1984 is Finally Here

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Naperville Smart Meters

It came three decades later than George Orwell fictitiously predicted, but the beginning of a controlled and monitored society is seeing more roots being planted in Naperville, IL. The citizens are being forced to accept wireless smart meters installed on their homes despite a wide outcry by the residents. Those who refused to allow the installers on their property during the initial round of installations were placed on a list and were met with police-escorted installers the second time around.

City Manager Doug Krieger’s response epitomizes a scary trend in America. “The previous installation attempts were met with some resistance and we wanted to ensure our employees’ safety.”

The message – don’t resist the government or face the consequences. Jennfer Stahl and Malia “Kim” Bendis learned what those consequences were when they were arrested after not allowing the government access to their private property.

If that doesn’t terrify you, you’re not understanding the implications here.

It does not matter whether you believe that Smart Meters work or not. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that they’re dangerous or not. On one side, you have a city that says the electric system will be more reliable and will reduce costs as a result of the Smart Meters. On the other side, you have citizens concerned over health issues, privacy, and security.

Science and economy are not the real points of argument, here, and debating either is futile. The line is being crossed by a government entity to mandate an adjustment to a home on private property without consent and without an opportunity to opt out. There is no right to refuse. The message that is being sent is crystal clear: you either allow the government to do what it wants with your property or you get arrested for resisting. That’s a terrifying step in the wrong direction, a step in the process of pacifying Americans little by little so that they become accustomed to fascist control over our lives. It’s that simple and there’s really no argument against it. By simply writing about it, I’m putting my own name on a watch list. This is not the America that I ever wanted to see, but it’s the America of the future if the people allow it to happen.

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