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Why Did the Napoleon Harris Story Get No Traction?

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Former NFL linebacker and current Illinois state senator Napoleon Harris is like many politicians. He has multiple houses spread across the country. The problem with Harris’ multiple addresses is that only one of them is in the district that he represents and a report from the Chicago Tribune brings into question whether he ever lives at the address at all.

State law states that a representative must reside in the district that he/she represents. It makes sense. The district is considered a poor one with high poverty and crime rates. His nearby address where his wife apparently answers the door is in a much nicer area. Shouldn’t this be a problem? Shouldn’t political activists, his primary competitors, or even local Republicans be fighting to challenge his eligibility to represent the district for a second term?

They cannot. The political activists around the area are liberal. He has no primary challengers. The Republicans aren’t even putting up a token candidate to compete for the seat. One might think that the news would pick up on this, but apparently the story is simply too small other than a couple of blog posts and a tiny investigation by the Tribune.

This is low on the scale of “injustices” perpetrated by politicians and we do not know how effective he has been at helping his community, but one has to question whether such a story would go completely unnoticed if it were a conservative in the same situation.

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