The Normalization of Gay Marriage through Common Association

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Pumping Gas

In mathematics, normalization means adjusting values between different data sets to bring them to a common scale. It allows for statistics to be viewed together in a way that makes more sense. In essence, it makes them more acceptable.

That’s what’s happening today with gay marriage. Anyone who believes that it’s not the norm to accept gay marriage is missing the trends. It doesn’t matter how hard the opposition fights. This battle has already been lost. One of the biggest reasons is the brilliant methodology of strategies used by proponents of gay marriage. They’re assuming victory and have achieved it as a result. It will not take long for nearly all states to allow gay marriage. In six years, the concept of gay marriage has gone from widely unaccepted (even by our liberal president who was against it in the beginning of his first term) to holding a majority of support.

The infographic below is a perfect example of the tactics that have been used. By associating laws that ban gay marriage with laws that ban things such as pumping your own gas, the Huffington Post has normalized the scale. They have classified gay marriage bans as unnecessary. It’s just one of the reasons that they have won.

Gay Marriage Ban Infographic

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