North Korea is Too Unpredictable to take their Nuclear Warnings Lightly

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North Korean Army Marches

Unpredictable. It’s a word that’s often used to describe leaders around the world who are potentially willing to do things that evade logic. These are the leaders who will hurt their own people for the sake of their egos, who will condemn others around the world for the sake of their own power, and who seem to always have something to prove even when nobody needs the proof. It is what best describes North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and it’s the reason that the threats that are being reported as “sabre rattling” across most major news outlets should be taken at face value and acted upon immediately.

The regime has threatened to attack the United States, South Korea, and our allies with nuclear weapons. There have been debates about whether this is even possible. There doesn’t need to be debates. There is no need to ponder as to what action they might take if they aren’t able to fire nuclear warheads. We don’t need to examine the psychology of the leader nor do we need to speculate on missile launcher movements and their purpose.

A country with an army of 1.2 million has threatened to go to war, to annihilate other countries, and to do so against the wishes of everyone including their own allies in China. This must be dealt with immediately. Some would say military action is in order, but we’re not there yet. What we do need to do is call the bluff. When nuclear threats are made, it’s the responsibility of the United Nations to take the harshest non-military action against North Korea and continue the pressure until they start playing nice.

The truce with South Korea has been allowed to linger. The war never ended. It must be ended now. The United Nation needs to proclaim a state of complete isolation. No trade. No aid. Even China should be forced to comply. Either North Korea backs down completely, halts all nuclear advancements, and reduces their military to a defensive size, or they will be blocked from any form of contact with the rest of the world. They’ve been given numerous opportunities to play nice. They have not been threatened. There has been no chance until now that military action would be taken against them. They cannot be reasoned with and they continue to be a ticking time bomb that could send the entire planet into a state of turmoil.

Call the bluff. Place a stranglehold of sanctions on them and enforce them with an iron net that would prevent any form of trade. Only then will they ever stop being a problem. Only then will their peace-loving neighbors to the south feel relatively safe.

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