Obama and Hagel

For Obama, 4th DefSec Epitomizes Foreign Affairs Failures

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Things don’t always work out. Every President will pick the wrong people for jobs, but when it happens two or three times, one has to wonder if there’s a trend. As the Obama administration prepares to pick it’s 4th Defense Secretary in 6 years, the problems are clear. This administration doesn’t quite understand the concept of maintaining a strong defense.

Chuck Hagel was supposed to be the right conservative choice. He was a Republican Senator, a veteran, and one who had experience with and understanding of the volatile Middle East. However, anonymous reports from inside the White House paint a picture of a man who wasn’t empowered to do his job due to the centralized methodology in the administration. They like their own opinions and do not seem to want to listen to those who have opposing views.

It isn’t just defense. The administration has had difficulties with other areas of foreign relations. In fact, the Nobel Peace Prize winning President has failed to achieve any notable foreign relations victories during his tenure other than being the person in office when Osama bin Laden was killed. Iran, North Korea, Russia, China – the list of enemies gaining power continues to increase while our allies are not embracing our lead like they once did.

Even the previous Bush administration, often criticized for hurting America’s place in world opinion, held a much better track record for getting the world follow our lead.

The Obama administration has been hurting America’s standing in the world. Losing yet another Defense Secretary is par for the course.

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