Obama Closes Office Tasked with Closing Gitmo

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Guantanamo Bay isn’t going to be closed down any time soon. The 2008 campaign promise that played a major role in helping the President win his first election is officially going to remain unfulfilled as the office created to close the military detention center has itself been shut down. The administration reassigned Daniel Fried, the special envoy for closing the prison. He will not be replaced.

According to the NY Times:

The announcement that no senior official in President Obama’s second term will succeed Mr. Fried in working primarily on diplomatic issues pertaining to repatriating or resettling detainees appeared to signal that the administration does not currently see the closing of the prison as a realistic priority, despite repeated statements that it still intends to do so.

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  1. Dominic

    Well, with republicans blocking and filubustering every single thing Obama’s tried to do plus the fact that he’s not that concerned with civil liberties issues, I’m not surprised. He put forward a Heritage Foundation originated GOP policy from the 90’s as a healthcare reform and most conservatives and republicans accused him trying to kill grandparents and some compared him to hitler. Not worth the effort.

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