Is Obama Hurting His Party’s Election Chances?

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Our President. Mr. Teleprompter.

They say that the first Presidential term is all about getting a second term and that the second term is where the real action comes into play. That seems to be the case as the first term for President Obama was marked with just enough successes to earn him a second term to an uneducated population, while his second term is quickly becoming a disaster.

How does this play for those in the Democratic party seeking election or re-election in 2014? According to the Washington Post, “they are rightly nervous about the prospect.”

It has been a folly on top of a disaster followed by a debacle with a scandal or two mixed in. Member of his own party are turning against him in much the same way that conservatives turned on George W Bush in his second term. The difference is that the democrats truly like Obama while the conservatives never really cared for Bush.

Things are growing bad enough now that more publications and news outlets are writing about the President in ways that the mainstream media would never have considered just a year ago as he was getting re-elected. In a year, he has turned many of his allies against him. This could spell doom for many of those in his party that are a year away from their own election bids.

According to the Washington Post:

Obama faces two urgent problems. The first is to make the Affordable Care Act work. That begins, but does not end, with fixing the balky Web site He and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have promised the site will be running smoothly by the end of this month.

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