The Obama Presidency By The Numbers

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Obama Presidency by the Numbers

The last 3 years have seen some amazing things happen in the world of American politics. We have a Nobel-Prize-winning President who has made surprisingly few changes in the way that Washington DC runs. The world views us just as poorly (if not more so) than it did under the “hated” regime of George W. Bush. Our allies in Israel are skeptical of our position regarding their future and how it is intertwined with our own. Elsewhere in the Middle East, leaders are daring us to do something, anything, to try to stop their goals.

The economy is still the primary issue going into this election year. Despite a very powerful left-leaning sentiment that is led by mainstream media outlets and social media users, the numbers simply do not lie. Here’s a look at them, courtesy of Flickr user JohnnyShop.

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Obama Presidency By The Numbers

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