Donald Trump and Barack Obama in Lockstep

Obama, Trump in Lockstep Over Syria and Russia

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Most Americans couldn’t care less about foreign policy, especially as it pertains to the Middle East. Call it fatigue. Call it a short attention span. Whatever it’s called, there are two things happening right now that would have had people warming up typewriters for letters to the editor two decades ago. Today, we’re barely hearing anything about it.

The first was a sound bite in GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s interview with 60 Minutes. When asked about how he would handle the Islamic State, one of his suggestions was to allow Russia to take care of it. They’re already in Syria. Let them wipe out ISIS and the Syrian rebels for the Bashar al-Assad regime. This is a ridiculous proposal for many reasons, not the least of which being that doing so would give Russia the strategic foothold they need in the Middle East and the moral high ground they’ve never had in the region. There’s only room for either the United States or Russia to hold influence over the most important strategic lands in the world. Giving it over to Russia is a bad idea, one that even the left has opposed… until now.

The second is encapsulated in a terrifying headline:

The American taste for war has been tainted by the our invasions in the Middle East over a decade ago. We pushed President Obama to get us out of their prematurely and now the region is facing the consequences. America is facing the consequences as well in the form of increased hatred and reduced influence in the region. The more that Middle Eastern countries turn to Russia, the less sway we’ll hold on the future of the region. This, too, is a very bad thing.

The saddest part is that many of Trump’s supporters will decry President Obama’s actions without even knowing that their own candidate of choice advocates the exact same thing.

We may not be able to get the current President to what must be done in the Middle East, but we can certainly elect a new President that doesn’t hold to the same insane ideas about Russia. Unfortunately, most Americans won’t even notice that portion of Trump’s speech.

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