Obamacare is Off to a Good Start with 3% of Enrollment Target

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Obamacare Enrollment

It’s a good start… if you’re one of those who is against the program. With over a third of the 2013 enrollment time time behind us, we’re not at a third of the enrollment projections. We’re not at a third of a third of the enrollment projections. We’re not even at a third of a third of a third.

The numbers are in for the 12 states that are having the most success with their healthcare websites and those numbers aren’t exactly thrilling. While it’s good that 49,100 people are signed up for health insurance, that’s tiny compared to the target of 1.4 million. While the numbers were expected to trickle in gradually, they’re downright weak according to Avalere President Dan Mendelson.

“The technical problems of the website and enrollment generally are causing the administration to go much slower on the positive messaging that is necessary to build enthusiasm for the law and that’s an issue,” Mendelson said.

According to Reuters:

The 49,100 enrollments also include Medicaid sign-ups in Hawaii and Rhode Island, which did not provide a break-out, Avalere said. It based its numbers on public and press reports for the above mentioned states as well as Connecticut, the District of Colombia, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New York and Washington.

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