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The One Path to Prevent a Split GOP and a Hillary Victory: Trump Implodes and Cruz Steps In

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Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, and others in the #NeverTrump pseudo-movement have been looking for a way to derail Donald Trump from being the lone representative of the anti-Clinton opposition. Yes, that sentence was a mouthful, but that’s exactly what we’re dealing with in this strange Presidential election year. They are pushing options that may or may not work. If they don’t do it, the party will be splintered. If they do it, the party will be splintered. The only scenario that could possibly prevent catastrophic losses within and for the GOP is far-fetched and would rely on Trump himself helping out.

It’s 2016. Anything is possible.

The two scenarios currently being proposed by various factions of those opposed to both Trump and Clinton are:

  1. Find a Third Candidate: With the Libertarian nomination of Gary Johnson, any hope of a conservative candidate emerging organically fell to the wayside. David French, writer at National Review, was thrown in as an option and was abruptly thrown back out. Ben Sasse, Romney, Condaleeza Rice, and a handful of generals were floated, but as of now nobody is playing ball. Romney is having a meeting to discuss, so he may throw his name in the ring, but that wouldn’t bring much hope and would be a guarantee that the party would not survive the election.
  2. Hold a Delegate Revolt at the Convention: The illusion that the political parties are beholden to their voting members across the country would be shattered in this scenario. The veil would be lifted and millions of Republicans, even some who are opposed to Trump, would feel instantly disenfranchised by learning a quick lesson in the reality of party politics.

Both options stink, but if I had to choose one, I’d go for the first. In option two, there’s a pretty darn good chance that Trump would run as an independent. He’d likely end up with more votes than the nominee. In option 1, there’s a chance for success.

The third “option” is one that would rely on Donald Trump being Donald Trump at the right moment. It would require zero meddling by the Republican party; no fancy rules changes ahead of the convention would work. Even if, as Amanda Carpenter suggests, the party unbound the delegates in a vote of no confidence, there would be a revolt if Trump didn’t get the nomination. However, if Trump does his part and implodes at the right moment, the alternative would emerge. That alternative would be Ted Cruz.

Since Cruz is second in bound delegates and is the only other candidate who meets the qualifications of rule 40B to be on the delegates’ ballots,  an implosion by Trump could be enough to get enough delegates to abstain on the first ballot. On the second ballot, Cruz would be the nominee.

Trump has been imploding a little bit at a time for months. The latest problem that’s been causing all of the speculation to oust him is the battle he’s had between Trump University case Judge Gonzalo Curiel. It has caused many to withhold or even reverse their endorsements of Trump. Alone, it won’t stand as a valid reason for delegates to abstain, but one more scandal or major misstep by Trump should do the trick. He’s close. All he needs to do is be himself one more time. The best time for this to happen would be the week prior to the convention, that way the rules committee doesn’t have a valid reason to unbind everyone and start from scratch with Scott Walker, Romney, Marco Rubio, or someone else who would be immediately flung behind the eight ball for not being viable enough to challenge Trump during the primaries. With Cruz, the support and the favorable delegates are already in place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d take Walker, Rubio, or even Romney over Trump. I’d take any of the original 16 non-Trump candidates over Trump. I’d take just about any true Republican with a pulse over the liberal Democrat from New York. However, there’s still the issue of defeating Clinton, which means that the nominee would need a base of supporters. That’s Cruz.

It should be noted that in this scenario, Carly Fiorina would likely not be the VP nominee. The party, which nominates the VP separately, would likely install either John Kasich or Walker.

It’s a strange scenario that relies on Trump, but let’s call it like it is. The chances of Trump doing nothing idiotic between now and the convention are low. He might be a good boy for a little while since he’s been threatened by the Curiel situation, but it probably won’t last. We can’t rely on an implosion, but it’s the best thing that could happen for the party. It’s the best thing that could happen for the country.


    1. The Watcher

      you’re confusing Romney with Trump. Romney is a Progressive, but he is not a POS.

  1. Pearl Nardini

    I personally think that the solution would be for Sen. Cruz to be the nominee. I just wonder, however, if those establishment-GOPers would agree! The reason that the misfit Trump is where he is today is because the RHINO’s were terrified that someone like Cruz , who is not indebted to the lobbyists or the special interest group, would be the nominee. The GOP is indebted to the big money donors and the bottom line is always – GREED!

    P. Nardini

    1. L B

      Where have you been living. Cruz took tons and tons of money from big banks, Oil and gas Companies, Securities and investment firms, had super-pacs. He was owned just like the rest of the establishment.

      1. Mary

        Cruz received funds from the usual suspects. His donor list is full of medium sized donations. Those west Texas sweet old down home brothers who donated to is super pac are real conservatives. Cruz received most of his donations from individual small donors. Average donation was $67.00 and he raised the most money this type of small individual donations.

      2. Tricia Harris

        What Trumpo BS have YOU been reading? Ted Cruz has NEVER taken tons of money from big banks – that is Trump and Trumpo also took money from Soros! You are a darned fool to believe all the filthy garbage that Trumpo makes up!

    1. Tricia Harris

      I pray that Trumpo continues his unpredictable, stupid, arrogant behavior and implodes!!!!! He is and has always been a lying, cheating, narcissistic stinking LIBERAL! WAKE THE HECK UP!

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  3. The Watcher

    If “Trump Delegates” abstain, they aren’t voting for someone else and Trump doesn’t get enough votes to be nominated. Do that for 2 or 3 rounds and #DeadbeatDonald will be so pissed he’ll storm off and then throw the whole convention open… Now that would be interesting.

    1. Tricia Harris

      You are absolutely right – that narcissistic, sore loser, whiner, crybaby will storm off in a tantrum when he loses the first ballot!!!!! In true Trumpo fashion, he’ll scream that everyone is cheating, everyone is against him, and he’ll take his toys – no matter how big or small they are – have a tantrump and run away. THANK GOD! Then we will be rid of the liberal slimeball!

  4. tngilmer

    There is no way the Donor Class would ever allow Cruz to be the nominee. They hate him as much as Trump.

  5. Sandra Brasili

    Running a third party or new face isn’t kosher at this point. When Donnie the Orange Obama implodes, the nomination should go to the CANDIDATE with the next-highest number of delegates and votes: Ted Cruz, NOT someone who didn’t have the guts to throw their hat into the ring in the first place.

  6. Dennis Acosta

    Rule 40B is not in effect. Each convention gets a blank pad and the rules committee puts in place the rules for that convention. And saying that replacing Trump with another candidate who can’t beat Hillary is laughable. Kasich is the only candidate that can unite Republicans and pull from independents and Bernie Democrats in sufficient numbers to send the witch home.

    1. Tricia Harris

      WRONG, it’s absolutely NOT Kasich who can unite the party – he’s every bit the moderate/liberal that Romney and McCain are – and he will lose to Hilary as quickly as Trumpo would lose. Ted Cruz is THE ONLY ONE who should be the Republican nominee!

  7. Pony

    Anyone but Trump? The writer of this article needs to suck it up, Trump is the peoples choice at least the majority’s choice. Let me make this very clear for all of you who hate Trump, if you cheat Trump out of being the nominee or the presidency there will be a civil war in this country. You people supporting the establishment or who is part of the establishment just don’t get it. The people in this country is sick of all the bullshit, the political correctness, the economy, the destruction of our constitution, the social engineering, the out of control spending , police brutality, the foreign policies, the trade deals, the governments special interest. Everything in this country is done for everyone but it’s people. People are sick and tired of it, no let me rephrase that! The people are done with the bullshit, the only thing saving the establishment and those who serve it right now from retaliation is Trump. The people of this nation is allowing Trump the opportunity to step in and correct the problems, if you all manage to stop him the people are going to do it! I have been analyzing this for the last six years on a daily basis. The tension is this country is going to implode, this country has never been more divided than it is right now! You guy are watching the upper ranks of the political arena and ignoring the foundation of this country, the citizenry and they are done. So if you want to avoid a civil war then you need to back off and allow Trump to do what the people are going to elect him to do.

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  9. Tricia Harris

    Trumpo is NOT the people’s choice, and get over the delusions that have been thrown out by the Trumpo camp. Trumpo has about 35% of the vote – THAT IS NOWHERE NEAR A MAJORITY! Do the math – that means 65% of the Republican voters DETEST TRUMPO and with great reason – he’s a stinking, lying Liberal Democrat. People are fed up with his narcissistic behavior, and tantrumps! People are fed up with his lies! He knows NOTHING about international affairs, where the countries are and who the leaders are. When he doesn’t get his way, he throws tantrumps! He canNOT FIRE other world leaders when they don’t do what he wants them to do! Trumpo will never correct any of the problems because HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! He’s every bit as liberal as Hilary. He will NEVER overturn Obamacare because he believes in it ad has said that many times. He doesn’t understand the Constitution, and can’t quote one word of it. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! TRUMPO IS NOT THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AND YOU ARE DELUSIONAL IF YOU THINK THAT UNSTABLE, UNFIT, CARNIVAL BARKING, REALITY TV SHOW BOOB IS FIT FOR OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT – HE I MOST ASSUREDLY UNFIT TO HOLD THE OFFICE!

  10. Mona King

    What gets me most is you Trump supporters believe the lie that Cruz is part of the establishment. So uninformed!!! Cruz is the only one who actually stood up for the people against the establishment and always did what he promised the voters he would do. Trump is a VERY dangerous man. Trump supporters need to read what noted psychiatrists say about his narcissism and explosive behavior.

  11. Marc

    It just baffles me that pundits are clueless about number of voters that voted Trump in the primaries and will stick with him in the general. There was an organized effort by the Democrats to stick us with Trump as the nominee. At least 1/3 of his voters will be returning to Dem party to vote Hillary in the general. Take a look at the closed vs open primary vote totals. Of all the candidates that ran Cruz actually has the largest voter base, and they are loyal! The majority of his voters won’t vote for anyone else, especially not a d-bag like Kasich or Rubio who teamed up with Trump and went scorched earth on Cruz. Also, as far as the VP goes, the GOP can’t just pick who they want, the delegates choose the VP just like they do the Pres. Cruz did the ground work getting delegates from the grassroots that prefer him, even those “bound” to Trump. The only viable way for the GOP to have any chance of winning is for the delegates to dump Trump and choose Cruz, anyone else and you lose most if not all Cruz voters. The GOPe is basically powerless this election cycle, that is why they kissed the ring of the conman and are hoping somehow they can control him.

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  13. Dave G.

    What so many sycophants of the various cults of personality don`t understand is at it`s heart, Conservatism is an individualist concept, therefore along with our, ‘Life and Liberty’, we also own our votes.
    Those votes are NOT the property of some party or individual, regardless of the election circumstances or what the party acolytes believe.
    In my personal case, my bottom line is I know I will never vote for either one of the front running, East Coast Progressive crooks!
    So unless the party of Progressive lite does something to oust the crooked Progressive oaf it now appears to have as standard bearer, it can take a long walk on a short pier as far as my POTUS vote goes.

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