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Rand Paul can Uphold Decorum While Ted Cruz Fights for Americans

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Last week, GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul slammed fellow Senator and candidate Ted Cruz for making the battle against Senate leadership personal. His claim is that Cruz lacks “decorum” and is not going to be able to make legislation that works. This is an example of why Paul is suited for the Senate and Cruz is suited for the White House.

ThisĀ is personal. The center-leaning Republican leadership has been able to accomplish very little in their time controlling the House and the Senate. They act as if they’re not in control, making shady deals and giving in to the Democratic minority as well as the White House for the sake of progress. This is a huge problem, one that is not fulfilling the mandate that the United States voters gave to Congress.

Conservatism works because it’s right. It works because of passionate people who will fight in the face of defeat because it’s the best thing for the country. One might wonder whether or not Paul would be attacking Cruz if he wasn’t running for President. With Paul’s numbers falling below the radar on the polls and his campaign in desperate need for money, he’s going on the attack. This is fine and expected. The problem is that he’s attacking the wrong team.

Ted Cruz represents exactly what we need in Congress – principled people who are willing to stand for the right way to do things rather than negotiating down to a level of moderation that is as far to the left as things were when the Democrats were in charge. It would be different if the end results had changed based upon Cruz’s attacks in Congress, but they are the same. Cruz has done nothing to halt progress or action. Instead, he’s been the strong reminder that the Republican plan in Congress is failing miserably. They back down, then back down again, then pretend to do things when they’re not, then back down again.

Cruz is not a good fit for the Senate, not in its current form. He’s the prototype for a strong and principled Senate that leads through action and strength rather than through compromises that yield nothing. Either Congress needs to change dramatically to match what the people want or Cruz needs to move up to the White House where he can make things happen.

Paul is a good conservative. We don’t doubt his heart and we agree with most of his policies. However, he’s still trying to play a Congressional game that has been shown to be completely ineffective. Cruz is trying to change things while risking great personal loss. He is not making friends like most politicians do. He’s focused on values and staying true to the mandate from voters. Paul is trying to point this out as a failing when in reality it’s exactly what he should be doing. Paul should be fighting for what’s right, not fighting for decorum within a Senate body that has failed.

To say that Cruz shouldn’t be making it personal is to say that Paul does not consider the future of the country to be a personal issue. We take great exception to this concept. If this isn’t personal, what is?

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