Reminder About Obama Firing Generals

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Obama Fires Generals

There has been a disturbing trend in politics over the last five years. No, it’s not just healthcare reform, Bengazi, or any of the other things the White House and President Obama have done to damage the country. The latest trend that simply isn’t getting enough attention is the removal of military leaders at the highest levels.

It’s unprecedented. Dozens of generals, admirals, and other high-ranking military personnel have been getting fired by the administration for strange reasons. Looking at the situation, one might speculate that individuals with certain ideologies were being targeted through discreet investigations to find enough dirt to remove them without drawing suspicion about the motives. From possession of fake poker chips to cheating on a spouse, the government has become extremely adept at discovering some reason, any reason, in order to remove these officers.

The way that the military is set up, it’s very easy to remove these officials. It’s at the discretion of the President and the Pentagon to remove high-ranking officers based upon moral or ethical indiscretions. This isn’t to say that they didn’t deserve to be removed. It’s the sheer fact that so many of them are having their indiscretions discovered that’s alarming. With enough investigating, just about any military leader can be found to be doing something worthy of removal. They don’t have to break the law. They simply have to be representing their position inappropriately. Unfortunately, if you dig deep enough, just about all of them have done something that could be labeled as damaging to their rank and their representation of the US military.

Why are they being targeted? To call it a coincidence is naive. These plus so many other strange things happening in law enforcement and other official government offices makes it all look like a masterful job of installing the right mentality within the powers over the people. It’s the type of circumstances that would make a normal person question motives, let along conspiracy theories and alternative news buffs.

Here’s a video that has some enlightening information regarding these firings:

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