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Rubio, Paul, and Jindal should Plan for Their Future

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The first thing that people seeing this headline will wonder is why Marco Rubio is included. We’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s talk about the two lower candidates who should be thinking about their future as they push their Presidential aspirations forward.

Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal are both young. They have great futures in the Republican Party and they each have combined about a 1/100 chance of winning. Paul is already lashing out at frontrunner Donald Trump, top conservative Ted Cruz, and lower-end candidate Chris Christie. Now is not the time to make enemies. He should regroup, rethink, and make friends. Jindal is doing what he can to derail Trump’s campaign and it isn’t doing him any favors. He looks foolish by opening himself up to attacks from Trump’s tremendous crew of supporters. If Trump doesn’t win this time and Jindal tries for the White House again in the future, there will be many Trump supporters who will remember the attacks.

Marco Rubio is the youngest of the three. In fact, he’s the youngest of all of the major candidates running. He’s a rising star. Of that there is little doubt. However, he hasn’t built up an impressive resume yet with the Gang of 8 floating over him like a permanent dark cloud. It’s not permanent. The amnesty/immigrant debate will likely be settled to some extent before his next opportunity to run for President. Now, he should start accumulating wins in the Senate rather than building a reputation of missing out on important votes.

Now is simply not his time.

Any of the three could be formidable candidates in 2020 if the Republicans lose the next election or 2024 if they win. Today, that sounds like a long time, but ask Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Hillary Clinton about waiting in line from the first time they ran for President until they actually got the nomination (though Clinton’s is still in doubt) and you’ll understand that waiting can be worth it. Being so young gives them the ability to continue their political careers or work in the private sector for a while, shaking hands and making friends until their chosen time.

We have so many great options this election. I’d hate for any of these three promising candidates to burn their chances for the future by making things volatile in losing efforts today.

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