Sebelius and 7 Seconds of Dead Air in Interview Make for Awkward Obamacare Moment

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Kathleen Sebelius

We try to stay away from petty nuances and gaffes and focus on the heart of the various issues that concern the country, the world, and the citizens affected by them. In the case of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the interview she had just prior to the Obamacare deadline in March, we had to focus on this particular slip… or lack thereof.

It was clear that she was told to not respond to any questions or statements that would be construed as negative surrounding the unpopular topic of healthcare reform. In an interview with Oklahoma Channel 9, she let that coaching go too far, letting 9 seconds of dead air cause an uncomfortable moment. She made it worse when the interviewer gave her an out by claiming possible audio problems. Instead of leaving it at that, she admitted that she heard the statement and chose not to respond.

After all, any response about something that shines a proper negative light on the debacle of healthcare reform is unworthy of anyone in the Obama administration. They’re changing the world!

Here’s the awkward video.

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