Secularism is Taking Over Britain. America is Next.

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British Secularism

The shift is already apparent around the world, but in Britain, it’s more pronounced and scientifically proven. A recent report published in the DailyMail (not the best place for “news” but this one sticks to the facts) shows that the Christian and Jewish population are declining while atheists, agnostics, Muslims, and other religious perspectives are on the rise.

This is likely echoed around the world and was clearly predicted in the Bible. It’s happening in America, though no census data has been released on it just yet.

It’s a warning. The end is near.


  1. Roast Beefy

    You say it like it’s a bad thing. A lot of why so many voters are going liberal is because of these outdated religious beliefs that are getting thrown into the conservative agenda. Being a conservative shouldn’t mean denying people rights based on the Bible (values change over time, and the Bible, while a very good piece of literature, doesn’t hold relevance anymore).

    Social conservatives shouldn’t be telling a woman what to do with her body, or that homosexuals can’t marry. Those are Bible-based beliefs and are unfair to everyone but the person with the misguided thought process. However, things like… gun control, or war, would be much more suited to a rational discussion.

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