Shapiro Delivers a Clinic on How to Debate Rationally Against Gun Ban Advocates

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Piers Morgan

Ben Shapiro is not Alex Jones. That much is clear and Piers Morgan learned it the hard way earlier this week in an interview/debate with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

The fireworks started early with Shapiro accusing Morgan of standing on the graves of children for the sake of his political stance, to which Morgan was visibly insulted. It appeared that this might turn into another pointed argument based on insults and threats as it was a few days earlier when blogger/talk show host Alex Jones appeared on Morgan’s show. That was a comical “debate”, and while I do not fault Jones for his passions and agree with him on several issues, he sometimes does not help the conservative cause as much as he hurts it when he goes on his tirades.

Shapiro really set the tone that this was going to be more of an intellectual debate around three minutes in:

“Your passion on the issue doesn’t really justify the rationale for why you want to ban assault weapons but not hand guns,” Shapiro said.

Morgan interrupted. “You don’t understand why I would want to remove the preferred weapon of choice, these killing machines, from the hands of deranged young men.”

Shapiro’s reply was one that should be memorized by conservatives wanting to have an intelligent discussion on the issue. “All I’m asking is for you to be philosophically consistent. If what you’re worried about is the removal of killing machines from the hands of deranged young people, then maybe we should talk about a blanket gun ban.”

Morgan, an accomplished journalist, interviewer, and commentator in his own way, didn’t fall for the bait but the point was made. It’s the question that people against banning certain guns should be asking when the topic comes up. The assault rifles in question account for a very small percentage of the gun violence in America. Many of those who are concerned about banning semi-automatic large-magazine rifles, myself included, may never own one. It’s the trajectory that such an action would propel us in that is the real concern. If killings cause the government to respond with banning these guns, what will happen if there’s a series of mass killings with pistols or shotguns? Will this lead us down the path towards a complete banning of civilian weapons, a reversal on the 2nd Amendment?

I don’t want to find out, which is why I applaud Shapiro for remaining rational and promoting an intelligent discussion on the issue. Here’s the interview:

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