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Sony Does Not Represent America. At Least it Shouldn’t.

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Sony pictures did a bad thing. Then, they did a worse thing. Unfortunately, America will likely suffer as a result of both actions.

There has been tons of commentary, plenty of celebrities, and even a President who has expressed deep annoyance at Sony pictures for being bullied by North Korea. We don’t need to rehash that or why it’s wrong. Let’s take a look at their original misdeed and then discuss what this means in the larger scheme of the current American direction in the world.

First, the movie itself…

The Interview is American Entertainment Gone Amok

The first thing that Sony did wrong was to make The Interview in the first place. America has taken the lead for several decades in using our media might to expose wrongdoing internally and around the world. Our journalists risk their lives to bring the world the stories of persecution and abuse. Documentary makes take similar risks diving deeper into evils that the world needs to see.

Hollywood has been trending for a long time in the opposite direction. I’m not talking about the individuals that make up the industry but Hollywood as an entity itself. It embraces the sins that other countries use to condemn us. It paints a picture of a morally and ethically suffocated society that likes loud explosions, gratuitous sex scenes, and cultural superiority disguised as patriotism.

The Interview as a movie represents the most immature and uncaring aspects of our entertainment-driven culture. This isn’t exposing the terrible environment that the people of North Korea exist in throughout their lives. One only has to watch the trailer and have experience with the previous works of thespians like Seth Rogen and James Franco to know that this is a raunchy comedy that attempts to push the limits of decency in order to fill seats and get chuckles.

It’s not even true parody. They created a fictional world with real elements in an egotistical attempt to remove boundaries of decency. “We’re Hollywood and we can say what we want. The world needs to lighten up.”

America needs to be the ideological leaders of the world. Unfortunately, Hollywood is one of the biggest representations of America with reach that far exceeds our journalists, activists, and leaders. More people around the world see the debauchery and self-announced grandeur that comes from Hollywood than any of the good things the people of this country do abroad.

This movie epitomizes the worst parts of Hollywood and should never have been made in the first place.

Facing the Unfortunate Reality of Today

A nation is represented by its people. There was a time not too long ago when the majority of what America represented based upon the actions of the people was admirable. Today, it seems like we’re on the verge of becoming what our detractors worldwide have been calling us for decades: glutinous, spoiled, and dangerous.

There are millions of Americans who represent the concept of America properly. In fact, I would go so far as to say the vast majority of Americans are living the right way. However, those with the greatest reach and loudest voices are the ones that are seen by the outside world and their message is not the right representation of what the American people want.

We aren’t a country that promotes spying on our allies or the innocent people in the country and across the world, but the NSA has unwittingly made others believe that we are.

We aren’t a country that makes light of persecution or suffering, but Hollywood has told the world otherwise.

We aren’t a country that turns its back on the religious principles that helped to mold us from the start, but many of our leaders and members of the media paint that very picture.

This list of sins and crimes against humanity could go on and on, and none of them are true representations of what the majority of Americans embrace, but the powers that be do very little to represent us to the world properly. We must stop our politicians from misrepresenting us. We must not support Hollywood’s attempt to paint us with the brush of debauchery and callous indulgences. We must make the media report our perspectives properly rather than based on an erroneous, agenda-driven ideology that is held by the few rather than the majority.

Sony should not have made the movie. However, they did even worse by painting us as a weak nation that can be bullied by terrorists.


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