Obama on Iraq

We Support the President’s Statement on Action in Iraq

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The vast majority of the time, we are critical of President Barack Obama. That isn’t because we don’t like him or want to see him fail. We simply disagree with his agenda and politics as well as his motivations. However, when he’s right, we have no problem admitting it.

Today, the President declared that he is authorizing limited air strikes and has already begun delivering humanitarian aid to those om refuge in the mountainf o Erbil, Iraq’s fourth-largest city. As many as 30,000 Iraqis are at risk if the Islamic State, better known as ISIS, attacks as they have claimed they intend to do. The Iraqi government has asked for assistance. The lives of people are at stake, including Americans. Troops will not be sent in. This appears to be a righteous action from the President.

Here is his statement:

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