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Surging at the Right Time, Ted Cruz Takes Lead in Iowa

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Pundits have been saying for two months now that Ted Cruz is running the most intelligent campaign among the GOP candidates for President. His prudence is paying off with Iowa polls showing that he’s alone at the top right before the Christmas holiday goes into full swing.

Timing couldn’t be better for a Cruz surge. As candidates have learned in past elections (and even the current election for Scott Walker), taking the lead too early can be the kiss of death. It paints a target on your back that allows competitors to hammer a frontrunner over an extended period of time. This is partially what has happened to Ben Carson, though his own set of gaffes have contributed to his catastrophic decline in the polls. It also seems to be having an effect on Donald Trump who has been the frontrunner since the summer.

Perhaps bigger news for the GOP and better news for Cruz is that Marco Rubio’s efforts to derail him as being too soft on national security isn’t playing very well for him. Rubio has only gained 7% compared to Cruz who has gained 14% since October. Ben Carson lost 19% while Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina lost 2% in the same time period.

The Monmouth poll is only one of many, but it represents a sentiment that matches the campaign’s momentum.

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