Reminder About Obama Firing Generals

Obama Fires Generals

There has been a disturbing trend in politics over the last five years. No, it’s not just healthcare reform, Bengazi, or any of the other things the White House and President Obama have done to damage the country. The latest trend that simply isn’t getting enough attention is the removal of military leaders at the highest levels.

It’s unprecedented. Dozens of generals, admirals, and other high-ranking military personnel have been getting fired by the administration for strange reasons. Looking at the situation, one might speculate that individuals with certain ideologies were being targeted through discreet investigations to find enough dirt to remove them without drawing suspicion about the motives. From possession of fake poker chips to cheating on a spouse, the government has become extremely adept at discovering some reason, any reason, in order to remove these officers.

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Joe Biden Calls for a New World Order

Joe Biden New World Order

Was it just a matter of “Joe being Joe,” saying something that everyone outside of Joe Biden knows would stir up conspiracy theories? Was it something deeper, a slip of something that he knows is real but isn’t supposed to talk about? Was it even deeper than that – a deliberate use of the term to get people riled up about it so that when it starts to manifest so clearly, we’re already accustomed to it and accepting of it?

It could have been all three. Regardless of why he said that and the string of other controversial things that followed in a two-minute sample of his speech discussion trade laws at the Export-Import Bank Conference in Washington, it’s certainly going to be latched onto by those who fear the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

Here’s the first part of the video with highlights on the important phrases:

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order because the global order is changing again. And the institutions that have ruled… worked so well in the post World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened and some have to be changed. So we have to do what we do best. We have to lead. We have to lead. We have to update the global rules of the road. We have to do it in a way that maximizes benefits for everyone because obviously it’s overwhelming in our interests – this is not a zero sum game – it’s overwhelmingly in our interest that China prospers, that Mongolia prospers…”

Only Biden can so so much in so few words that will infuriate the right and fuel conspiracy theorists. Gawker is already doing damage control by pointing to those who would take offense to Biden’s words:

The New World Order, along with being an outstanding late-90s wrestling stable, is a favorite of the conspiracy-minded the world over, who believe it to be a code-word for the rise of a totalitarian one-world government, orchestrated by the powerful and elite who would like to officially replace the sovereignty of individual nations (as opposed to unofficially, as they mostly do now).

Here’s the video itself. Slip up or intentional mention – you decide:

Was Mitt Romney Designed to Lose?

Mitt Romney Loses

Those who follow this blog know that I’ve never been a fan of Mitt Romney. I predicted that he was mathematically incapable of winning when Herman Cain was hot on his tail. When Cain fell from grace and Newt Gingrich rose, there was finally a remnant of true conservatism possible, but that was squashed as well. Then, Rick Santorum emerged as the not-Romney with extremely conservative views, but he wasn’t strong enough to take down Romney.

When it became clear that Romney would get the nomination, I prepared for the inevitable Obama victory. Despite knowing from the start that Romney had no chance of winning, I was still stunned at how badly he was trounced. It has been percolating in my mind since the election and now I’m convinced, circumstantially it may be, that Mitt Romney was engineered as the candidate and that Barack Obama’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

History tells us that conservatives win elections. Moderates can only win when they either follow the momentum created by a conservative president (G.H.W. Bush) or when they run on the premise of being a conservative (G. W. Bush). There were conservative contenders and there were conservatives who could have been contenders, but all of them fell to the untrustworthy, unlikable Mitt Romney.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there already being circulated about the election being rigged, and I am not going to participate. I simply want to point out that Mitt Romney was designed to lose. It was clear and apparent even to the Republican Establishment. What forces are behind the scenes pulling their strings? What strings are being pulled with our government today. What is the end goal? Where will America be in a year?

I don’t know, but I’m scared.

If Camp FEMA is Partially True, We’re All in Big Trouble

Vintage Japanese Prison Camps

As conspiracy theories go, the concept of FEMA camps being set up for impending doom in the country may be the most realistic as well as potentially very sinister. This film looks back at history, explores what is happening today, and branches forth into potential disaster in the future. As the country sits in the crosshairs of looming dangers, can we risk not taking the claims of this video seriously?