Dear Rick Santorum Voters in Florida: Make Your Vote Count

Rick Santorum Voters

The future of the country is at stake and right now, going into Tuesday’s Florida Primary, our fate is tied into one specific group of people: Rick Santorum supporters. Mitt Romney appears poised to take Florida and go into February with likely sweeps of all states that month. The election is made or broken on Tuesday.

Rick Santorum, as strong as he is, cannot win. His ideas are stout. His supporters are tenacious. He has a place as either the Vice President or the Secretary of State if he cancels his candidacy and supports Newt Gingrich in time.

That time is now.

A Mitt Romney candidacy is tantamount to an Obama second-term. Santorum supporters must vote for Newt Gingrich on Tuesday. It is not the time for a “statement” vote. It’s time to make a vote that counts. We support Rick Santorum, but Newt Gingrich is the next-best choice and the only one who has a chance of stopping Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment from blowing another election by putting up a Dole/McCain moderate as our champion.

Why @RickSantorum Should do the “Right” Thing for His Country Before the Florida Primary

Rick Santorum Should Back Down

It isn’t often that I agree with my liberal cohort in Washington DC Annapolis, Lorie Wimble, but we’re (almost) thinking along the same lines on the issue of Rick Santorum helping Barack Obama. It should be noted that I absolutely support Rick Santorum and would love nothing more than to see him in the White House. However, sometimes the right thing to do is to ensure that a conservative has the best chance to win. In this case, that conservative is Newt Gingrich.

Love him or hate him, he’s the only conservative with a chance of taking on Barack Obama. If Santorum does not back down before the Florida primary, he will be doing his party and his country a disservice by giving the nomination to Mitt Romney.

Depending on the poll, Santorum is either 3rd or 4th right now in Florida. This election year has proven that fortunes change quickly but there’s simply not enough time to make up the difference. He’s pulling votes from Gingrich, the candidate closest to Romney in Florida, and is therefore making it a near-certainty that Romney will get the nomination as he prepares to sweep the February primaries. A loss for Gingrich in Florida will eliminate the only hope left to take on Obama in November.

Romney cannot beat Obama and Santorum cannot beat Romney. Gingrich has a chance to beat both of them. Santorum needs to remove his ego from the equation before Tuesday or he’ll be dooming his own country to the fate of four more Obama years. As much as I would love to see Santorum make the conservative changes that are necessary to save the country, Gingrich is the next best thing. They are splitting the conservative vote and despite a win in Iowa, Santorum has zero chance of getting the nomination.

Rick, do the “right” thing. Drop out, support Gingrich, and get ready to become Secretary of State.

Santorum is Strengthening Obama’s Chances for Re-Election

Rick Santorum Thumb

Read the conservative response (which sort of agrees with me!) in this open letter to Rick Santorum.

The only candidate who truly scares me is looking more and more likely to lose the Florida primary and therefore the GOP candidacy thanks in part to Rick Santorum. Despite Mitt Romney’s strong poll numbers against Obama, it’s easy to see that he will be steamrolled by the Obama train once attentions turn to the national race.

Santorum was the only wildcard that could have changed the face of the election had he backed down before the Florida primary. While Gingrich would still be a longshot to take on Obama, he’s much-better qualified than Romney to take on the President head-to-head in debates and his trademark big ideas that often confuse and “inspire” Americans desperate for proposed changes (even those without substance such as putting a colony on the moon in 9 years) could have swayed some moderate voters.

As Charlie Rose points out in a report about Romney’s rise Florida, “It is said in Chicago where they are running the Obama campaign that they’re so giddy that they want to run naked in Millennium Park.”

This has been an exceptionally-weak pool for the GOP. We laughed when Trump looked like a potential candidate. We laughed harder when Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain took leads in the polls. Gingrich is laughable as well, but Romney is the biggest joke of them all because his position as the pure representation of “the 1%” makes his candidacy irrelevant once he wins Florida, sweeps the February primaries, and walks right into the Obama campaign trap. This isn’t a call for complacency, but it does allow us a temporary sigh of relief.

With Santorum sticking with it, Gingrich appears to be fading out of contention. The Democratic party should thank him. I know I do.

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Lorie WimbleLorie is a mother of 2 and is the voice of liberals for Conservative Haven. She lives in Annapolis, MD, and volunteers for the President Barack Obama Re-Election Committee.