The Normalization of Gay Marriage through Common Association

Pumping Gas

In mathematics, normalization means adjusting values between different data sets to bring them to a common scale. It allows for statistics to be viewed together in a way that makes more sense. In essence, it makes them more acceptable.

That’s what’s happening today with gay marriage. Anyone who believes that it’s not the norm to accept gay marriage is missing the trends. It doesn’t matter how hard the opposition fights. This battle has already been lost. One of the biggest reasons is the brilliant methodology of strategies used by proponents of gay marriage. They’re assuming victory and have achieved it as a result. It will not take long for nearly all states to allow gay marriage. In six years, the concept of gay marriage has gone from widely unaccepted (even by our liberal president who was against it in the beginning of his first term) to holding a majority of support.

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A Quick Emergency Supply Checklist

Emergency Food Supply Checklist

There are websites, magazines, and even television shows that highlight the lives and times of preppers. While it’s not the ideal life for most, it’s something that those involved value tremendously. When the world starts to crumble, the preppers want to be ready for whatever is thrown at them.

In this little, simple emergency food supply checklist, the folks at Food Protection have put together some mini-prepper information that will help those who aren’t fully embraced in the lifestyle to still make it through many of the potential disasters that may be coming in this world. They also have a PDF that explores it all further. You don’t have to be a full-blown prepper to be properly prepared.

Emergency Food Checklist Infographic

The Truth About the National Debt Ceiling

National Debt Clock

Ah, the good ol’ days. Remember when the national debt was a mere 413 trillion? Good times.

It is, of course, much higher than that now and the debt ceiling continues to go up. Here’s a great video and infographic explaining the debt ceiling and how it’s affecting the country courtesy of Bankrupting America.

National Debt Infographic

90% of Romney’s Campaign Donations Came from Large Donors

Romney Money

In the first 3 quarters of 2011, the vast majority of Mitt Romney’s $32 million that he raised came from large donors according to a study by CreditSesame. Compare that to Obama (52%), Santorum (79%), Paul (52%), and Gingrich (57%), and it’s pretty easy to see where Romney’s allegiances would lie if he were nominated by the GOP and subsequently won the general election.

Percentages are one thing, but the consolidated Democratic focus on Obama gave him as much as all of the major candidates at that time combined. The Republican party is in trouble if this primary season goes on indefinitely as all of the 4 remaining GOP candidates have promised. Who will drop out first? How long will the GOP let Obama sit back and beat up on each other before he has to really spend any of his campaign money?

Click the infographic below to enlarge.

Candidate Networth

(Via: Credit Sesame. H/T: Lauderdale Mazda)

Republicans vs Democrats: How Each Party Views the Role of Science

Science and Politics

As Florida, one of America’s hubs for scientific exploration through NASA, goes to the polls today to decide on their choice for the GOP candidate, let’s take a look at how each party as well as Independents view science.

In this graphic by AssayDepot, we learn some things that most assume but there are surprises in there as well. For example, while Republicans have the strongest view of the positive effects of science on society, fewer are willing to consider the government’s investment into research as “essential.”

Click to enlarge.

Political Parties and Science

(H/T: Chevrolet Humble Texas)

The Obama Presidency By The Numbers

Obama Presidency by the Numbers

The last 3 years have seen some amazing things happen in the world of American politics. We have a Nobel-Prize-winning President who has made surprisingly few changes in the way that Washington DC runs. The world views us just as poorly (if not more so) than it did under the “hated” regime of George W. Bush. Our allies in Israel are skeptical of our position regarding their future and how it is intertwined with our own. Elsewhere in the Middle East, leaders are daring us to do something, anything, to try to stop their goals.

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