It’s Time to Rebuild the Republican Party with Conservative Values

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This was going to be a lengthy post, but I decided to keep it short. The signs are clear. History has pointed us in the right direction. For the country to head in the right direction, there can no longer be a leaning towards the middle. It simply doesn’t work.

At the state and congressional level, moderates can do well. There needs to be a mix of conservatives, liberals, and moderates to make sure that all people have someone standing up for them in government. At the executive level, this simply isn’t the case.

Let’s look at the GOP nominees over the last 3 decades:

  • 1980 – Reagan – Conservative – Victory
  • 1984 – Reagan – Conservative – Victory
  • 1988 – Bush – Moderate – Victory against a weak opponent and coming on the tail of a successful Reagan era
  • 1992 – Bush – Moderate – Defeat
  • 1996 – Dole – Moderate – Defeat
  • 2000 – Bush – Moderate, but ran on a conservative platform – Vicotry
  • 2004 – Bush – Moderate, but still ran on a conservative platform – Victory
  • 2008 – McCain – Moderate – Defeat
  • 2012 – Romney – Moderate – Defeat

The Bush presidencies were the only ones that were able to win as moderates. What is missed is that G.H.W. Bush won because he was Reagan’s VP. G.W. Bush won because he pretended to be a conservative.

The people want a strong conservative in office. That doesn’t mean that any strong conservative can win, but it takes extreme circumstances such as 9/11 or false pretenses to get  moderate into the White House. The Republican party has been partitioned for some time. The Tea Party and other conservative organizations are forced to push so far to the right because the perception of the leaders of the republican establishment always push too close to the middle.

For this country to thrive in the coming years, it’s necessary for moderate republicans to lean to the right. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to push into ultra-conservative land. They simply need to emulate Ronald Reagan. It should be a rallying call. Whenever a politician or an individual needs to make a decision, they should ask themselves what Reagan would do. He wasn’t so far right that he put the country into deadlock turmoil, but he was conservative enough to keep the values upon which the country was formed at the forefront of his policies.

This is the future of the party. It’s the future of the country.

Mitt Romney is not a Conservative

Ronald Reagan Flag

American politicians are supposed to be guided by the will of the people through an electorate that decides who will best represent their goals and fill the needs required of office. It can be said that going with what the people want is an asset and should be considered a strength. There are times, however, when personal passion and unwavering convictions are more important than the willingness to change.

Voters know this instinctively, which is why Mitt Romney hasn’t taken the commanding lead that his money and the support he receives from the Republican Establishment should be giving him. When someone’s voiced opinions change based upon the audience at the time, it means that either the opinions their voicing are false part of the time (you can’t live on both sides of any particular fence) or that the ability of a person to form opinions that make sense to them (and therefore the electorate) is missing.

Mitt Romney’s flips and flops are well documented, but that’s politics. A candidate must often put their words through a filter to fit the situation and actions tend to speak louder than words. However, there’s a statement that should disqualify Romney from ever being able to call himself a conservative. It’s one thing to change over time and become more conservative, but to go from an independent to moderate Republican and now to a conservative as he is claiming is simply not feasible. To claim to have changed that much over the years is either a lie or alarming if it’s true. America does not need a President with such weak convictions that they are able to tumble so easily.

We don’t need Mitt Romney.

Uninspiring: Mitt Romney’s Only Weapon is Money

Mitt Romney Vanilla

What was the biggest difference between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush? Why did Bill Clinton pulverize Bob Dole despite having personal moral challenges in his way after his first term? How did a relative newcomer to the political stage beat a the solid track record of John McCain?

The answer to all three questions is the same. One inspired people. The other did not.

Reagan, Clinton, and Obama all had the ability to make people weep. They could move a room, get people excited, and make their opponents’ blood boil. Bush, Dole, and McCain were uninspiring, but even they got more of a rise out of people than Mitt Romney.

There’s a reason why Romney abandoned his early campaign strategy of playing like a winner and attacking Obama. It wasn’t working. The soundbites were weak and the passion seemed insincere. When it became apparent that he wasn’t gaining support, he turned to the one asset that gives him a clear edge – attack funds.

With cash in hand, Romney switched gears after the South Carolina debates and outspent the field six-fold with attack ads aimed at the previous primary winner in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich. Now, the money is shifting towards Rick Santorum after his recent victories.

Romney’s inability to gain passionate supporters who desperately want him to win is the reason that he would not be able to defeat Obama. He may end up being the choice by default if Gingrich and Santorum continue to split the conservative vote and Ron Paul is unable to advance beyond his frenzied but small base. A lukewarm choice in the primaries means a loss in November.

The Republican Establishment has made another mistake in their anointment of Romney. They saw him as the safe bet, the one who could most-likely pull moderate votes. In their eyes, Gingrich is a wild card, Santorum is too conservative to pull moderates, and Paul is insane. The reality is that any of the three would have a better shot against Obama because they have the one attribute that is absolutely required for victory. They have flavor.

Romney is vanilla. That’s not to say he’s boring. He requires a topping to taste better, and therein lies his weakness. The toppings seem to change depending on who he wants to be on a particular day. In 1994, he said he wasn’t trying to return to Reagan/Bush. Now, he’s claiming to be a Reagan conservative.

Money is the only thing he has in his arsenal. It’s the only reason he took down Gingrich in Florida and it’s the only thing that can slow down Santorum’s momentum. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it has a good chance of working during the primaries but it won’t be enough to help him in November if he gets the nomination. Obama would use the money against him and defeat him worse than he defeated McCain.

The video below shows the most passion that can come from the man. It’s clear that he felt very strongly back then about not wanting to be associated with conservatism.

Newt Gingrich is the Only Candidate that can Beat Obama

South Carolina Primary

South Carolina Republicans, take note before the upcoming primary. Newt Gingrich is the only candidate that can beat Barack Obama. This isn’t a statement that has been building up based upon continuous, unwavering approval from a passionate supporter. This comes from someone who has been studying every debate, as many speaking engagements as possible, previous history, Obama’s campaign strategies, and the path that the nominee must travel before facing Barack Obama.

Romney cannot win. He showed during the debate on January 16th a few things that make him a weaker candidate than many originally thought. First, he received more boos than anyone from the crowd, one that was most likely made up of conservatives. Without the adamant support of conservatives (particularly financial support in the coming months), Romney will not be able to fight against the barrage of attacks that will come towards him from both sides.

Second, Romney may lead in the polls but it is apparent that his support is based upon Republicans “settling” for who they believe can win rather who they really want. The lack of passionate support following him cannot turn into a victory in November. Even Ron Paul, whose floor is the strongest but whose ceiling is the lowest, would have a better chance than Romney because of the very passion of his supporters that Romney’s lack.

Third, he’s too rich. Estimates put him at a quarter of billion dollars networth. Others say he may be worth closer to a billion. In a world of Occupy Wall Street, that level of wealth will not play well during the campaign.

Finally, the man cannot debate. He doesn’t do well when put on the spot and there is zero doubt that he will be put on the spot by Obama and the media. How he handles situations is poor at best.

Newt Gingrich has the ability to take on Obama in the war of words. More so than Santorum or Paul, Gingrich has answers to questions that resonate with the population. He is the true “Reagan Conservative” that many have hoped for since 1988 and has a track record of being able to work with the other side to make things happen. His personal issues are minor compared to his ability to solve the country’s problems. People will see this.

They’ll vote for Gingrich. They won’t vote for Romney.

Here’s what they think of Gingrich, on the other hand.

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JD RuckerJD is the voice of technology and social media for Conservative Haven and is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Blog. He is a husband and father of 3 living in Southern California.