Was Mitt Romney Designed to Lose?

Mitt Romney Loses

Those who follow this blog know that I’ve never been a fan of Mitt Romney. I predicted that he was mathematically incapable of winning when Herman Cain was hot on his tail. When Cain fell from grace and Newt Gingrich rose, there was finally a remnant of true conservatism possible, but that was squashed as well. Then, Rick Santorum emerged as the not-Romney with extremely conservative views, but he wasn’t strong enough to take down Romney.

When it became clear that Romney would get the nomination, I prepared for the inevitable Obama victory. Despite knowing from the start that Romney had no chance of winning, I was still stunned at how badly he was trounced. It has been percolating in my mind since the election and now I’m convinced, circumstantially it may be, that Mitt Romney was engineered as the candidate and that Barack Obama’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

History tells us that conservatives win elections. Moderates can only win when they either follow the momentum created by a conservative president (G.H.W. Bush) or when they run on the premise of being a conservative (G. W. Bush). There were conservative contenders and there were conservatives who could have been contenders, but all of them fell to the untrustworthy, unlikable Mitt Romney.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there already being circulated about the election being rigged, and I am not going to participate. I simply want to point out that Mitt Romney was designed to lose. It was clear and apparent even to the Republican Establishment. What forces are behind the scenes pulling their strings? What strings are being pulled with our government today. What is the end goal? Where will America be in a year?

I don’t know, but I’m scared.

Further Proof that the Republican Establishment is Stupid: Romney Can’t Win in an #OccupyAmerica Atmosphere

Mitt Romney Cash

It’s been made very clear that the Republican Establishment does not want Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum to win. They do not believe that any of them have a chance of winning against President Obama in November and have decided to back Mitt Romney as the moderate choice in hopes of not blowing another election.

Wins tonight for Santorum haven’t changed that. You can see already hear the media downplaying these wins as “beauty contests” and “glorified straw polls”. The same media said the Iowa caucus was a big win for Romney, then changed tunes once Santorum was declared the winner, dubbing the Iowa caucus as an afterthought. The reason: the Republican Establishment doesn’t want someone like Santorum going into November.

Their choices have been failing for decades. The same thinking put John McCain up against Obama 4 years ago. It put George W. Bush in office for 8 years because of weak opponents rather than because of strong leadership (Al Gore would have won had he taken a shot in 2004 instead of John Kerry – he peaked too late to win 2000).

The Republican Establishment put Bob Dole up against Bill Clinton in 1996. George H.W. Bush was not their choice but they didn’t have a choice in the matter. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was not their choice and is arguably the last effective Republican President despite going against what the Republican Establishment believed.

Who are these people? Are they really so against their own party that they are willing to push their hand-picked candidate into a position of failure every 4 years?

Apparently, yes.

Mitt Romney has two major problems as a candidate. He has proven to be a shrewd business person. 20 years ago, even a decade ago, this was a good quality. In today’s atmosphere, it would be easier to get a Washington insider elected than a Wall Street insider, which is exactly how people view Romney.

His taxes aren’t helping, raising new questions about his use of offshore tax shelters.

Moderates have always had a hard time winning. George W. Bush was the exception, but for a reason. In 2000, he sounded like a true conservative. On foreign affairs, he was. Had there not been a war on terror, his failed, moderate fiscal policies would have tanked his chances of re-election. John Kerry was too weak and the American people were too scared to make a change.

Today, they’re not too scared to make a change, but they will not change to someone who is perceived to be on the wrong side. Barack Obama is a “roll up your sleeves” kind of President and while his policies have not yielded as much fruit as most expected, the people would rather give him the opportunity to continue in his direction rather than hand the country over to someone they simply cannot trust.

People on both extreme sides of the fence are fighting with Obama. The Tea Party hates his policies. The Occupy Movement doesn’t believe he’s liberal enough. For all of the negatives that have hit the country the last 12 years, the moderates are still going to choose to stay the course with Obama in November if the other choice is Romney.

The Republican Establishment has been wrong about candidates for decades, but they’ve never been this wrong. Any of the other 3 GOP candidates would have a better shot against Obama in November than Romney. What the other 3 candidates failed to capitalize on is the very thing that Obama’s team will highlight over and over (and over) again, that Romney is in an elite class and has no connection with the majority of America on any level.

We haven’t heard it much during the campaigns by the GOP, but Obama will hammer one thing into people: Mitt Romney can casually offer to bet what equates to 3-months wages for the average American. $10,000. It’s chump change to Mitt Romney, making Romney the chump in the #OccupyAmerica atmosphere that we’re in. It doesn’t ring well for conservatives, liberals hate it, and moderates will be turned off completely by it.

If nominated, that one moment will be enough to put Obama in the White House until 2016.

The Drudge Report is Doing Whatever it can to Give Obama a Second Term

Drudge Report

For a “conservative” news aggregator, the Drudge Report is doing its best impersonation of a liberal mainstream media opinion-sculptor as the clear lean towards the “Republican Establishment Candidacy” of Mitt Romney. This goes against the what the largest chunk of Republican voters want and it’s only one piece of the anti-Newt puzzle.

What is it about Romney that makes so many conservative publications, influencers, and analysts support him? Is the Republican Establishment really that scared of their own ideas that they are willing to support someone who hasn’t pushed for them in the past? Are they serious about attacking Obamacare, something that Romney has zero credibility to accomplish? Is the vote of moderates so important to them that they’ll turn their back on the conservative base?

Drudge WivesTo the right, you’ll see a carefully-crafted and impeccably-placed set of two articles that declare “news” of the wives in play. Even the images are well-chosen to give the impression that one candidate is moving up and one candidate is on his way out. It’s a despicable display of lack of journalistic standards from a publication that makes its money influencing the very base that it has turned its back on.

Florida is the last hope for the country. With little chance of Santorum or Paul breaking through to the top, Gingrich is the last conservative who has a chance to win the GOP nomination. Despite 32% of Republican voters supporting him nationwide versus 24% supporting Romney, the Republican Establishment led by Drudge, Fox News, and Romney’s cronies in Washington are trying to shift the balance of power over to the Massachusetts moderate. They aren’t interested in running with someone who displays the type of leadership that Republican voters want. They are only interested in trying once again to put a John McCain or a Bob Dole up as their horse of the year.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Newt Gingrich is the only GOP candidate who has what it takes to beat Obama as well as a chance to win the nomination. Romney has neither the skills nor the track record to win in November, assuring a 2nd term for Obama.

The Republican Establishment Should Stop Being “Pragmatic” and Start Listening to its Base

Gallup Republican Poll

There are two elements at work in the nation and through Florida in particular right now that are counteracting each other. On one hand, you have Fox News, Republican strategists, and the left-leaning mainstream media doing whatever it can to make Mitt Romney the GOP choice to go against Barack Obama in November. On the other hand, you have the largest chunk of Republican voters nationwide supporting Newt Gingrich.

If the Republican establishment could get out of its own way and listen to the voice of its base, we have an opportunity to have someone we can passionately stand behind and rally around against Obama instead of another Bob Dole or John McCain moderate who simply cannot win once the full force of Obama’s campaign team takes aim.

It’s happened in the past. Those who think they know what’s best for the party work behind the scenes to get the endorsements for the candidate they feel can win the moderates on both sides of center. This year’s weak contender is Romney. He has a nice smile, decent debate skills, and proved that he could win in one of the most liberal states in the union. There’s nothing wrong with him. There’s simply not enough right with him.

Gingrich is far from perfect. His reputation as someone who “thinks big” is, for some reason, being positioned as a negative. He has been in the center of turmoil for the last two decades and has character flaws that terrify moderates who want a safer path towards removing Obama from the White House. Their thinking is backwards. What the Republican party and the country in general needs is someone who is fearless, intellectually-driven, and willing to do whatever it takes to pull the country from the precipice.

In the latest Gallup poll, Gingrich is leading 32% to 24% over Romney amongst likely Republican voters. These are the numbers that the Republican Establishment should be looking at rather than listening to their experts who say Romney is the better choice to get the votes from the middle. In the last three decades, we’ve proven time and time again that big-idea Republicans can win while moderate-appeasing token candidates do not.

Let’s take a look at the past 3 decades:

  • 1980: Ronald Reagan was a true conservative who was able to bridge the gap to the left through big ideas.
  • 1984: Reagan’s success fueled the simple question, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”
  • 1988: George H.W. Bush won against a weak candidate and from the momentum of a country that witnessed what conservative principals could do for the US.
  • 1992: Bush lost when moderate choices on taxes rallied the country against him. We read his lips and didn’t like what they were really saying.
  • 1996: A true Gingrich-style conservative should have been able to easily win against the lukewarm success that Bill Clinton had in his first term. Instead, we had Bob Dole as our champion. It was a major opportunity squandered by the Republican Establishment.
  • 2000: George W. Bush ran and won through the support of a conservative base that rallied behind his ideas.
  • 2004: The war on terror and a weak Democratic candidate helped keep Bush in office as the “lesser of two evils” despite a brand of moderate economic policies that would have tanked him had the circumstances been different.
  • 2008: Again, the Republican Establishment felt their weaknesses and put up a moderate in McCain against a far-left candidate. The results have been disastrous for the country.

Any time the GOP has stopped trying to win through moderation, they have succeeded. The only moderate victory was 2004 (in 2000, we still saw Bush as a conservative) and it was based on circumstance rather than substance.

To Fox News, GOP experts, and the meddlers in the mainstream media who fear a Gingrich presidency, please get out of the way. The country is ready to be bold again. The country needs to be strong again. Obama has weakened us. Romney will not do much better.

Gingrich is our best chance for turning the country around. The Republican voters around the country know it. Why won’t the Republican Establishment listen to its own base?

* * *

JD RuckerJD is the voice of technology and social media for Conservative Haven and is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Blog. He is a husband and father of 3 living in Southern California.