Ron Paul’s “Golden Rule” Policy on Iran Won’t Fly for Conservatives (and most other Americans)

Nuclear Iran

No other GOP candidate has the passion of supporters like Ron Paul. It’s to the point that the weather is considered a factor on Tuesday in Iowa; Ron Paul’s supporters would cut through the bitter cold to get to the polls while supporters for other candidates would not be as willing. The forecast for Des Moines on Tuesday is clear with a high of 36 degrees.

Many of his ideas ring true for conservatives. Others sound crazy. The sticking point that will be highlighted in every debate and interview going forward despite the results in Iowa center around his position on Iran.

“If we were prohibited from having imports into this country, we would consider it an act of war,” he said. “The best way to think about this is the golden rule. If we don’t want somebody to do it to us, we shouldn’t do it to them.”

Yesterday, Iran made two announcements that could be construed as nuclear innuendo. First, they declared that they had produced their first nuclear fuel rod, a feat many in the west did not expect so quickly. Then, they test-fired medium-range missiles in the hotspot of the Strait of Hormuz. Coincidence?

While no candidate would support a war with Iran over this or other stabs they’ve taken at the US or Israel in recent months, taking it off the table and removing our military presence in the Middle East is not something conservatives want to see. Even moderates and liberals would likely side with Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney in regards to Iran before they would go with Paul’s assertion of “The Golden Rule” in foreign policy. It’s not that they would want war or an increase in our Middle East presence, but pulling out completely and removing sanctions against a country whose leaders have called America the “Great Satan” is insane in light of their nuclear ambitions.

It’s one thing to be restrained and prudent about foreign policy even with those who have declared America and its allies as enemies. It’s another thing to be oblivious to the reality that a nuclear Iran poses a threat to the entire world if only based upon its proximity to Israel and strategic alliances. Ron Paul’s position is dangerous at best.

Quote of the Night Came from Ron Paul

Ron Paul

“Fortunately for the Republican Party this year, probably anybody up here could beat Obama,” Paul said during the debate. “So the challenge isn’t all that great on how we’re going to beat Obama. I think he’s beating himself.”

Here are the videos from the debate. In Part 1, you can hear Paul make his bold statement at the 4:34 mark.

Overall, the debates were an attack on Newt Gingrich. The media and conservatives across the nation are highlighting him as the person they do not want to see going up against Obama. Will it be enough to give Romney or Paul Iowa?