Sebelius and 7 Seconds of Dead Air in Interview Make for Awkward Obamacare Moment

Kathleen Sebelius

We try to stay away from petty nuances and gaffes and focus on the heart of the various issues that concern the country, the world, and the citizens affected by them. In the case of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the interview she had just prior to the Obamacare deadline in March, we had to focus on this particular slip… or lack thereof.

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Joe Biden Calls for a New World Order

Joe Biden New World Order

Was it just a matter of “Joe being Joe,” saying something that everyone outside of Joe Biden knows would stir up conspiracy theories? Was it something deeper, a slip of something that he knows is real but isn’t supposed to talk about? Was it even deeper than that – a deliberate use of the term to get people riled up about it so that when it starts to manifest so clearly, we’re already accustomed to it and accepting of it?

It could have been all three. Regardless of why he said that and the string of other controversial things that followed in a two-minute sample of his speech discussion trade laws at the Export-Import Bank Conference in Washington, it’s certainly going to be latched onto by those who fear the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

Here’s the first part of the video with highlights on the important phrases:

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order because the global order is changing again. And the institutions that have ruled… worked so well in the post World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened and some have to be changed. So we have to do what we do best. We have to lead. We have to lead. We have to update the global rules of the road. We have to do it in a way that maximizes benefits for everyone because obviously it’s overwhelming in our interests – this is not a zero sum game – it’s overwhelmingly in our interest that China prospers, that Mongolia prospers…”

Only Biden can so so much in so few words that will infuriate the right and fuel conspiracy theorists. Gawker is already doing damage control by pointing to those who would take offense to Biden’s words:

The New World Order, along with being an outstanding late-90s wrestling stable, is a favorite of the conspiracy-minded the world over, who believe it to be a code-word for the rise of a totalitarian one-world government, orchestrated by the powerful and elite who would like to officially replace the sovereignty of individual nations (as opposed to unofficially, as they mostly do now).

Here’s the video itself. Slip up or intentional mention – you decide:

Obama had an Opportunity to Close the Fiscal Cliff Deal by Showing a Little Class

Obama Fiscal Cliff

When President Barack Obama came on stage to discuss the state of the bi-partisan deal to avoid the Jan 1, 2013 fiscal cliff, I was extremely hopeful. There were reports early Dec 31 that a deal was at and I was prepared to hear the President discuss some of the details and commend Congress for their hard work on putting a deal together.  It wouldn’t have necessarily been completely truthful – Congress and the White House should have skipped Christmas break to make this happen as our elected officials in the midst of a crisis – but it would have been the right thing to say as the leader of the free world.

What came out of his mouth was 10 minutes of the standard “I” and “me” that has become a trademark of his speeches over the years. He threw jabs at the Republicans. He gloated over their willingness to see it his way regarding raising taxes on wealthy Americans despite vowing to never do so just a month ago. In short, he took an opportunity to handle the situation with class and instead stuck his foot in his own mouth now that the deadline has come and gone.

This was an opportunity for the President to push the deal through. By commending rather than insulting Congress, the chances that a deal would have been signed before the deadline would have gone up tremendously. Instead, it was a distraction, a point of contention that sliced off any remnant hope that the two parties could come together and make it happen.

Here’s the video. Watch as the President of the most powerful country in the world botches a chance to close the deal.

If Camp FEMA is Partially True, We’re All in Big Trouble

Vintage Japanese Prison Camps

As conspiracy theories go, the concept of FEMA camps being set up for impending doom in the country may be the most realistic as well as potentially very sinister. This film looks back at history, explores what is happening today, and branches forth into potential disaster in the future. As the country sits in the crosshairs of looming dangers, can we risk not taking the claims of this video seriously?

“A Tale of Two Mitts” Worked for McCain in 2008. Why aren’t 2012 Candidates Doing the Same?

John McCain

In 2008, John McCain was on the outside looking in during the early months of the GOP nomination process. Rudy Giuliani was a favorite but didn’t show up until Florida.  Fred Thompson was a lump on a log during debates. Mike Huckabee faded early as well.

By this time 4 years ago, it was really down to two men: John McCain and Mitt Romney. Romney tried something that we’ve seen all-too-much of during this round – aggressive and misleading negative campaign ads. He painted McCain as a Richard Nixon clone, but it didn’t work. McCain used a series of commercials that simply took clips of Romney saying the exact opposite of what he had previously said time and time again. “A Tale of Two Mitts” helped to solidify the nomination for McCain and gave him a head start on the Democrats who were still fighting over Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Rick Santorum is attacking Romney on social issues. Ron Paul is going after his foreign policy and economic records. Newt Gingrich is painting Romney as an ineffective moderate. If any one of them would simply come out and use McCain’s tactic, hammering home the fact that Mitt Romney has never found a position that he didn’t like for now but would be willing to like later, they would hurt him much more than trying to go toe-to-toe with him as they are.

Unless Santorum pulls the upsets on Tuesday or Newt Gingrich bows out before Super Tuesday, it’s very likely that we will have the weakest GOP nominee in decades.

Here’s McCain’s technique. It worked. It would work again if the Republican candidates would only invoke it with a 2012 spin. Now’s not the time for creativity. It’s time to do what works.

You can bet that Obama’s team won’t make the same mistake the Republican candidates are making.

Obama Wanted to Reduce Interest Paid on Federal Debt

National Debt Clock

The challenges facing Barack Obama were apparent before he took office. A month into his term, he acknowledged that the problems needed to be addressed immediately and stated that he wanted to halt the growth of the national debt, including reductions of the $250 billion in interest that were paid towards it the year before.

Since then, the numbers have continued to rise faster than he had hoped. Much faster.

Democratic National Committee Invokes John McCain to Attack Romney’s Olympic Record

Salt Lake City Olympics

When an enemy attacks a candidate, it can be dismissed as biased. When someone on the same side of the fence challenges the decisions of a candidate, it’s newsworthy.

That’s the hope of the Democratic National Committee who released their first advertisement of the election season. In it, they negatively depict one of the aspects of Romney’s past that the candidate has been touting as a strength: his chairing of the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. To drive their point home, they took the words of a former foe and turned them against the GOP front runner.

At $1.3 billion, Salt Lake City received more than double the public funding that the Atlanta Olympics 6 years earlier received. Many on both sides of the fence called it wasteful and blamed Romney for arrogantly pulling strings to “save” the Olympics from scandal and disaster. Here’s the video, which was not endorsed by either Obama or his campaign:

Mitt Romney is not a Conservative

Ronald Reagan Flag

American politicians are supposed to be guided by the will of the people through an electorate that decides who will best represent their goals and fill the needs required of office. It can be said that going with what the people want is an asset and should be considered a strength. There are times, however, when personal passion and unwavering convictions are more important than the willingness to change.

Voters know this instinctively, which is why Mitt Romney hasn’t taken the commanding lead that his money and the support he receives from the Republican Establishment should be giving him. When someone’s voiced opinions change based upon the audience at the time, it means that either the opinions their voicing are false part of the time (you can’t live on both sides of any particular fence) or that the ability of a person to form opinions that make sense to them (and therefore the electorate) is missing.

Mitt Romney’s flips and flops are well documented, but that’s politics. A candidate must often put their words through a filter to fit the situation and actions tend to speak louder than words. However, there’s a statement that should disqualify Romney from ever being able to call himself a conservative. It’s one thing to change over time and become more conservative, but to go from an independent to moderate Republican and now to a conservative as he is claiming is simply not feasible. To claim to have changed that much over the years is either a lie or alarming if it’s true. America does not need a President with such weak convictions that they are able to tumble so easily.

We don’t need Mitt Romney.

The Answer We’re Going to Hear from Romney for Months About Cayman Money Stashing

Cayman Bank

The answer gets better and better the more he practices it.

Mitt Romney, stuck explaining away why he has money “stashed away” in the Cayman Islands, has a very strong answer for his critics. It’s a well-rehearsed response but no matter what he says about it, chances are it will continue to follow him around until he’s out of the running.

The answer is a good one. It makes sense. The only problem with it (and the question that nobody is posing) regards the sincerity of his intentions. Putting his money in a blind trust is smart, but even blind trusts can be established in ways that are guided by ideological principals worthy of the most powerful person in the world. What he should have done when setting it up is set running orders to keep the investments as clean, transparent, and American as possible.

At a certain point, riches become simple numbers. The difference in lifestyle between $100 million and $300 million is minimal. Someone with political ambitions are expected to be more American, more patriotic than their peers. Romney’s lack of a filter on his blind trust shows his allegiance to money was stronger than his allegiance to his country.

Here’s the video via Buzzfeed.

(Via: Buzzfeed. H/T: Pensacola Honda)

Remembering Mitt Romney’s Flips and Flops

Mitt Romney

The fate of the country rests in Florida and will be determined Tuesday. It appears that Floridians are leaning towards Mitt Romney. This would be a huge mistake.

Lest we forget, Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama. The Republican Establishment appears dead-set to put another Dole/McCain moderate on the fast-track to face Obama because they simply do not understand how presidential elections work in this day and age. The video below, put together by someone supporting Ron Paul (who would be equally disastrous as the GOP candidate), points to one of Romney’s major flaws that will be exploited by Obama’s campaign team over and over again if Florida sends him up as the candidate: flip-flopping.

If you live in Florida or know someone who does, please get this over to them. Mitt Romney is a good business man. He would make an excellent adviser or cabinet member. He should not be the GOP nominee for President.