Talks with Iran Should be Closed

Talks with Iran Should be Closed

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It’s time to call it. There’s no way a good deal can be made with Iran to curb their nuclear ambitions. Instead of discussing removing the sanctions that are hurting the country, the position of the United Nations should shift to one of threats. They simply aren’t listening.

This comes as further games are being played by the Iranians, this time coming from President Hassan Rouhani. The soft-spoken alter-ego for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has no actual power but who gets to play good cop when the Ayatollah speaks harshly. Seeing Rouhani start to go against the negotiations should be a warning sign that this isn’t going to end well. Any agreement that comes at this point will be something forced by the United States to give President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry a “victory” after an abysmal foreign relations record.

The Iranians are stalling. They have no intention of halting their quest for nuclear weapons. They are simply trying to buy time so they can achieve their goals. If they get to have sanctions cut as a results of a bad deal, so be it, but they don’t really care. Their playing a dangerous game of chicken and the United Nations is playing right into their hands.

They know that as long as the negotiations are going on, Israel will not risk alienating themselves completely by attacking. They need to keep the options open for as long as possible. Once they have the bomb, they’ll then do whatever they can do to get sanctions ended, but at this point it’s a secondary goal. They want the bomb, period.

The talks should be closed regardless of the results at the end of the month. Iran will throw out as much confusion as possible, claiming that the United Nations didn’t work hard enough to bring peace to the Middle East. Of course, that’s a pipe dream. Either a deal will be put together or they will figure out a way to extend it even further.

The United States should support an Israeli solution to the Iranian problem. If that means supporting them militarily and through protection from retribution from the United Nations, so be it. If it means working with our allies (or what used to be our allies) to destroy Iran’s centrifuges, then the world will be a safer place. Lest we forget, Iran has declared publicly that Israel is the “little satan” and the United States is the “greater satan” amongst nations. They want to end us as a country. Why are we still talking to them?

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