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Ted Cruz is the Real Outsider America Seeks

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There are three political outsiders running for the GOP nomination for President. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are obvious ones, but what needs to be understood is that Ted Cruz is just as much of an outsider as anyone. His politics ring true for conservatism and for America without appealing to the spineless Republican-led Congress.

Americans have voiced their early opinions in the form of polls that show outsiders leading the way. In the most recent polls, Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz are joined by party-favorites Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, depending on which poll you read. This preference for outsiders is resonating. It means that Americans in general and Republicans in particular are tired of the business-as-usual style that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seem to promote. They say they don’t like the status quo in campaign speeches but the actions of Congress since the Republicans took control last year speak to a status quo agenda.

Around 1/4th of the voters seem to like Donald Trump early on. They are doing this because he too promotes the idea of being an outsider, but he’s about as “insider” as anyone can get. He’s never held office, but he’s admitted to buying off people in office. He’s never received a vote, but he’s spent plenty of money to get votes for whichever Republican or Democrat he needed the most at the time. He doesn’t vote on laws in Congress but he’s been able to shift support for the passage of many of them. His opinions and actions have made him a bigger DC insider than half of the candidates running.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has the fortitude to stick with the values that will help to rebuild America. Carson and Fiorina seem to be very strong and capable people and they have the outsider status that many Americans seek, but their histories are tainted with liberalism and poor judgment, particularly Fiorina. Cruz, on the other hand, wasn’t acting liberal before he was a Senator. His record, opinions, and actions have demonstrated a willingness to be guided by conservative values. Unlike all of the other candidates, he won’t have to do any sidestepping or apologizing for liberal errors in judgment he’s made in the past. All of the other candidates will. All of them.

The country is looking for an outsider to come to their rescue. The fact that Cruz has been in Washington DC since 2013 doesn’t mean he’s an insider. He’s proven more than anyone else in the last three years that he’s an outsider on the inside making things happen for Americans. We support Cruz for the GOP nomination for President in 2016.


  1. Laura Ott

    Would love to help Mr. Cruz’s campaign here in Colorado Springs! I’m a big supporter and I’d like to get the word out!

  2. Robert Comer

    I think we need a person of stature like ted Cruz, but again will he do what the people want and not what the political agenda is in Washington? Im not looking for a savior, but a real man that will stand up for us and America. Im not for Trump , he is to close to the political insiders. I know that Ted Cruz is a true Patriot and i hope that he will change the whole of the Country from being Godless, and bring back my Lord and Savior to our schools and the Pledge of Allegiance also, for this has go to far and away from our values! Can Ted Cruz stand up to the senate and the House and not let them continue to destroy this GREAT NATION? Will you Mr. Cruz, take the initiative to implement term limits on everyone in Congress, and the Supreme Court, this is a big problem with our political system today. Will you build the wall on our boarder to the south especially, and will we have a flat graduated tax system that is fair for all, and will you abolish the IRS? Furthermore will you stand and never violate your oath of office? If you think you can do these things then you have my vote SIR.

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  4. Kara Childs

    Ted Cruz has been running for President since he filed for the Senate. What does he do for us now? Nothing. We need a candidate that can unite us. Cruz has been extraordinarily divisive since day one. What’s worse, he uses his divisiveness to collect names for his mailing list and donations.

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