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Ted Cruz Receives Important Endorsement in Iowa

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Building momentum during the primaries starts in Iowa and New Hampshire. While winning the early primaries is never a guarantee of victory, the current election cycle with a huge cast of candidates means that placing well in these states is crucial for any campaign. Now, Ted Cruz is receiving a big leg up with an endorsement by conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace.

Cruz has yet to catch the fire that his campaign had hoped from the state. Some point to the rise of Donald Trump as the reason. Others cite the fact that the campaign has not put a lot of effort in the state, nor has Cruz visited as often as he has other early primaries. This endorsement should move the needle for him, giving him a push that might bring him back into the top three.

Winning Iowa has helped candidates get early-primary funds raised, but the last two winners did not earn the nod. Both Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee won Iowa but lost the election. New Hampshire has enjoyed more luck, yielding victories for both Mitt Romney and John McCain.

According to his post on Washington Times:

Mr. Cruz is a man of courage and conviction, to be sure, but he isn’t our lone champion in such a vaunted field. Gov. Scott Walker should be applauded for his willingness to stand up to the mobocracy in Wisconsin. Mike Huckabee defended religious freedom and a free economy when he took up for Chick-fil-a at a time the fast-food giant was under siege by the Rainbow Jihad. Gov. Bobby Jindal beat the Obama Regime to bring school choice to Louisiana.

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