The Answer We’re Going to Hear from Romney for Months About Cayman Money Stashing

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Cayman Bank

The answer gets better and better the more he practices it.

Mitt Romney, stuck explaining away why he has money “stashed away” in the Cayman Islands, has a very strong answer for his critics. It’s a well-rehearsed response but no matter what he says about it, chances are it will continue to follow him around until he’s out of the running.

The answer is a good one. It makes sense. The only problem with it (and the question that nobody is posing) regards the sincerity of his intentions. Putting his money in a blind trust is smart, but even blind trusts can be established in ways that are guided by ideological principals worthy of the most powerful person in the world. What he should have done when setting it up is set running orders to keep the investments as clean, transparent, and American as possible.

At a certain point, riches become simple numbers. The difference in lifestyle between $100 million and $300 million is minimal. Someone with political ambitions are expected to be more American, more patriotic than their peers. Romney’s lack of a filter on his blind trust shows his allegiance to money was stronger than his allegiance to his country.

Here’s the video via Buzzfeed.

(Via: Buzzfeed. H/T: Pensacola Honda)

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