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The Case of the Silly Leftist Proudly Making a Fool of Herself

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One does not have to be a fan of reality television to be amused by people making fools of themselves and then proudly displaying their actions to the world. Just check the YouTube channels of liberals and you’ll often find their educationally indoctrinated egos falling all over themselves.

Such is the case of Kaity Thomson. She wanted so badly to get GOP candidate Ted Cruz with a gotcha question. You can tell that she practiced her talk tracks to in preparation for the public confrontation. In the end, she failed to make her point and other than several moments during which she argued through interruption rather than allowing Cruz to answer her questions, she was able to find one point to cling to as the title of her video: Ted Cruz insults University of New Hampshire.

In many colleges, they are taught to spin without even knowing it. Being immersed in spin is apparently contagious. To survive the college experience, they either have to think (in which case they normally become conservatives) or they have to yield to the spin which has created the perpetual reloading of liberally minded sheep. This is how we can account for a good number of liberals who are very intelligent. To leave college as a conservative, it requires intelligence and a willingness to explore independently rather than absorb the rhetoric of most college professors.

Here’s the video of which Kaity is so proud.

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