Independence Day at the Beach

The Fourth of July is About Reaffirming Freedom

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Independence Day is known for fireworks, barbeques, and American flags sprawled on lawns like no other day of the year. Through all of the fun and revelry, it’s extremely important to remember that it’s not just a commemoration of the freedom that was declared in the Declaration of Independence. It should be a day of reaffirmation.

Now more than any time in recent history (yes, even more so than 2002, the first Independence Day after the 9/11 attacks), it is imperative that we follow through with the reaffirmation. It’s not just because of the holiday. It’s because the country needs it so badly right now.

Between ISIS, racial tension, disputes about marriage equality, and a fading place of prominence in the world, we are a country that needs to be united again under the blanket of freedom that the day represents. More importantly, it should act to return much of the adoration that the American people should have towards their country. More and more we are seeing people who appear to hate America living right here in our lands, going to our schools, and promoting a destructive agenda.

The United States will not fall to another country. If it falls, it will be from within due to forces at work in the country. Whether it’s the righteous judgment of God passed down upon us or the manifest machinations of the adversary at work on some of the people and even our leaders, we can pray that the end can be delayed. It’s time to become a stronger country again, not just militarily and morally but in the embracing of the Judeo-Christian core that made our country so great.

It doesn’t matter whether your a devoted patriot or a reluctant prisoner. This day should be felt as progress towards the healing that is required on so many fronts in America and abroad. Nobody knows how much time we have, but we should be striving to prolong our existence through shared blessings and renewed hope. Today is a day that is more than hot dogs and firecrackers. It’s about reaffirmation.

Our freedom has always been our greatest earthly strength but it is quickly turning into our biggest weakness. Don’t let the freedom to have fun and frolic get in the way of the reaffirmation of our commitment to protect those freedoms.

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