Left-Wing Media Bias

The Importance of Ignoring Left-Wing Media Bias

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To the Republican Party: mainstream media hates you. They will do anything in their power to mislead you. They have certain agendas in play that will do whatever it can to prevent you from seeing the truth in a systematic series of attacks that are designed specifically to drag the nomination process out as long as possible so their chosen hero, Hillary Clinton, can win the general election next November.

This isn’t news to most of you. You’re very well aware that mainstream media leans left at best and is downright liberal at worst. What needs to be understood is why they’re doing this. Let’s dive into the reasons and gain an understanding about why the ebb and flow of attacks is intended to yield two end results.

The first one is obvious…

Weaken the Eventual Nominee

This election cycle is proving to be the best case scenario for the Democrats and mainstream media. They love the fact that there are so many Republicans out there forced to attack each other in an effort to get your vote and they want this brawl to continue for as long as possible.

As soon as a nominee is selected, the party will turn its attacks on Clinton. Mainstream media and leaders in the Democratic party are very aware that she’s the weakest candidate since Michael Dukakis with more vulnerabilities than John Kerry and less charisma than Walter Mondale. They want the Republican nominee to be as weakened as possible and the easiest way to make this happen is to prolong the nomination process.

The standard ebb and flow of attacks will follow along the lines of candidate strength. Ben Carson is the strongest candidate at the moment, which is why all of their attacks are pointed towards him. If they’re able to weaken him, then they’ll go after the next in line – either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz.

They don’t want to kill anybody off. They want them to be weakened. When someone gets enough momentum to appear to be able to ride he wave to the top and get the nomination relatively quickly, that will be the person they attack the most. Then, when that candidate is falling, they’ll turn it around and point to that person’s strengths. They don’t want them falling all the way off as they did with Jeb Bush. Those attacks were a little too strong, so they’re already backtracking in hopes of giving his campaign a boost.

The second reason they’re doing what they’re doing is a little less obvious, especially to those supporting their chosen opponent…

They Want Trump

It’s conspicuous that the candidate who would normally be the easiest to attack is the one who is getting the kid-gloves treatment. Donald Trump should be the focus on their left-wing bias through and through. He represents everything they hate and he offers a veritable smorgasbord of angles from which to attack. They haven’t pulled the trigger. They’re holding their dogs back. They’re preserving their ammunition. They’re waiting to strike.

They’re waiting for him to win the nomination before unleashing journalistic hell on him.

Some will point to “attacks” from the media as proof against this premise, but let’s face facts. Any candidate Trump’s history would be utterly demolished by now if they wanted to destroy him. They don’t. Not yet. They realize that the ideal end game is to prolong the nomination process but to have Trump come out on the other end as the nominee. Hillary Clinton cannot beat Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz. She probably couldn’t beat Jeb Bush. She would destroy Donald Trump because once he has the nomination (if they get their way), they will paint him as a misogynistic, bigoted, unintelligent failure who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who has a list of missteps so long that the American people will question whether he really ever was a good business man at all, let alone whether he would make a good President.

I personally like Donald Trump and I think he would make a fine President. However, he is by far the least likely of the major Republican candidates to survive a general election that will be painted with the most vicious mainstream media attack pieces that the country has ever seen. They will make certain that Hillary Clinton gets her victory. Their path to achieve this is through Donald Trump.

Those who believe that media bias doesn’t exist are delusional or liberal. There’s no other way to see it. The sooner we recognize their agenda, the easier it will be to make sure that Hillary is not anointed to the White House.


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