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The MIchael Bloomberg Factor: If He Runs, He Would Beat Trump and Clinton

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There’s a dynamic that isn’t being discussed on mainstream media right now that could very well turn the tide of the entire election. It’s not the fact that Michael Bloomberg is considering an independent run for President. It’s that in the right situation, he would actually win.

That right situation is if the two current frontrunners are the eventual nominees. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are both facing stiff challenges, but they each have a favorable path to their respective nominations. This is what Bloomberg hopes will happen. If Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, or both win their party’s nominations, a Bloomberg run is unlikely because he would lose.

Like Trump, he’s loaded. Unlike Trump, he has political experience as the popular former Mayor of New York City following 9/11.

In a dynamic that would pit the three New Yorkers against each other, Bloomberg has the advantage with both Independents and moderates in each party. He’s the epitome of a political centrist. This plays well against the moderate but brash politics of Donald Trump. His integrity is much higher than Clinton’s. He would be the first President to win without the backing of a major party.

Sanders and Cruz would each pose a problem. They are ideologues, giving their support the passion required to defeat a third party candidate. Bill Clinton was able to do it when H. Ross Perot ran against him twice, but his wife has a different path in front of her. She would not be able to counter Bloomberg the way that her husband handled Perot because Bill was more likable than Perot. Hillary doesn’t have the same advantage over Bloomberg.

Whether or not Bloomberg runs will rely largely on the status of the frontrunners. If they hold, he’ll run. If Sanders or Cruz win their nominations, Bloomberg will likely pass.

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