The Tension Between Netanyahu and Obama Points to Separation

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Netanyahu and Obama

A decade ago, shortly after 9/11, it would have been absolute insanity to believe that the relationship between Israel and the United States could be eroded to the point that it is today. It would have been unthinkable that the United States would be pushing Israel to back down against Iran, al-Qaeda, and Palestine by asking them to push back to the 1967 borders. It would be impossible just four years ago to think that the President of the United States would be openly critical of the Prime Minister of Israel, particularly about their own domestic affairs.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s re-election all but assures that the tension between the United States and Israel will continue and if nothing major happens to change things in the next couple of years, there’s a good chance that the ties that bind the two allies will be eroded to a point of separation. If (when) this happens, both companies will be doomed to terrible fates.

The problem isn’t Israel. It is unfortunate that the Obama administration isn’t willing to accept that. Pushing to have a split Jerusalem is insanity. It’s something that Americans would never allow in their own land, but the president is fully willing to push it on someone else.

Israel is our only true ally in the epicenter of the world. It isn’t New York, Washington DC, London, or Moscow that controls the fate of the world. Everything points towards the Middle East and Israel is the tiny point of sanity that keeps the fire from spreading around the globe. To turn our back on them is either insanity or a well-played ploy by a nefarious agenda.

As we push forward, conservatives must hold true to our commitment to the state of Israel. There is plenty of land available for Muslims to create their own home. We cannot participate in letting the Holy Land give into the pressures of the international community. Stand strong. Fight for what’s right.

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