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Trump Inadvertently Helps Clinton

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Love him or hate him, he’s making an impact. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the type of impact that conservatives should really want.

Two things are clear about Donald Trump’s candidacy:

  • He is gaining popularity amongst conservatives, saying things that many have wanted a candidate to say for a long time.
  • Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings are being pushed aside as a result of the attention that Trump is getting.

This is something we’ve been seeing brewing for a week now, but even MSNBC was able to make the same basic conclusion (albeit with reluctance and a bit of animosity) with a story that was supposed to be about Trump’s unfavorable numbers. They even acknowledged that they “missed the lede” on the story by focusing on Trump’s numbers rather than pointing out how badly Clinton was performing in key swing states.

Trump is getting attention, forcing GOP candidates to change their strategies and allowing Clinton to keep her poor performance under the radar. For Republicans who support him, it’s a calculated risk. If they can get him the nomination, then it was a valid play. If he fails to get the nomination, he would have inadvertently helped Clinton by keeping attention off of her during this crucial time. If he fails to get the nomination and runs as a third-party candidate, he’s handing the White House to the Democratic nominee.

It’s the type of action that might make one wonder which side of the political fence he’s really on: America’s or his own.

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