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Twitter Tirade Demonstrates Why Donald Trump Can Never Be Allowed to be President

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Every time I warm up to the possibility that Donald Trump might have enough composure to be President of the United States, he proves my passing notion to be extremely incorrect. His recent Twitter tirade threatening to sue John Kasich just for fun demonstrates the unstable mentality that should make Republican voters with an ounce of intelligence question his ability to handle the most stressful and important job in the world.

There’s a difference between being passionate and being unstable. Chris Christie is passionate. Ted Cruz is passionate. Bobby Jindal was passionate before he dropped out. Donald Trump is unstable. Granted, he was attacking the second least stable candidate in Kasich when he went on his tirade, but his level of instability far exceeds the limits that a Presidential candidate should maintain. I’m not big on decorum, but I don’t appreciate a candidate that acts like a middle schooler every time someone poses a threat to him.

No conservative would say that all of Trumps ideas are bad. His straight talk is exactly what the party needed in order for them to wake up to the reality of what the people want in a President. However, he tends to take it too far. His attacks on Ben Carson were infantile and demonstrated a desperation that seems to pop up when he’s threatened.

All of these things, from the tirades to the ugly attacks, make for a great entertainer. I’d love to see Trump end pass his companies over to his family and end his career behind a desk doing a talk show or something. He’d be a great replacement for Bill O’Reilly. Unfortunately, those things that make him a great entertainer are the very things that would make him a terrible President.

Read the Tweets. Watch the videos. Listen to the messages. Does this sound like the type of actions that Ronald Reagan would take? If Trump becomes President, I could imagine Reagan rolling over in his grave and shedding a tear for not just the Republican Party but for America itself.


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