Undocumented Driver’s Licenses: For Illegal Immigrants, the Law Isn’t Really Law Unless it Helps Them

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Illegal Immigrants

California legislators are sending a clear message. It isn’t just okay to cross the border illegally and to usurp the law, hurt the US economy, and cause racial tension. The message from the lawmakers is that if you do break the law and cross the border to become an “undocumented” portion of America, they’ll protect you on the street.

The message is most clear in this statement in the article from the Sacbee:

By extending licenses to undocumented immigrants, Alejo said, California would open a legal umbrella for everyone on the road to prevent situations in which immigrants face arrest, heavy fines and car impoundment when they are pulled over.

The article details how the California State Legislation has passed a measure to allow driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The extension of the message that they are sending is that as long as you can make it over the border, you’ll be fine. No need to worry about American law enforcement. They can’t do anything to you even if they pull you over.

Illegal immigrants have broken the law by crossing the border illegally. The very idea that they should be protected from arrest for any reason including driving a car is absolutely insane.

If an American citizen breaks the law, they can be arrested under any circumstance. If someone who is not supposed to be in the country breaks the law, they are protected. What sort of backwards society are we heading towards?

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