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US Intel warned of ISIS rise in 2012

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There is no question that the intelligence branch of the United States military knew that ISIS was growing in a worrisome way nearly two years before President Barack Obama declared that they were the “JV team” of terrorism. There’s also no question that a report was sent to the State Department, the CIA, and senior military leaders. The only question is whether or not the President was briefed.

If he was, then it calls into question his lack of action against the Islamic State before it actually became the Islamic State. If he wasn’t, the question suddenly becomes why. How could a threat that is causing havoc in the Middle East and influencing events around the world go unchecked by the President? Was it ignorance or incompetence. Unfortunately, it’s becoming crystal clear that it was one or the other.

According to Fox News:

The report warned the continued deterioration of security conditions would have “dire consequences on the Iraqi situation,” and huge benefits for ISIS — which grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

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