Ted Cruz Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call: Unite behind Cruz or Accept the Democratic Victory

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There are two certainties that about half of the Republican party refuses to believe: (1) A Donald Trump nomination means that the Democrats will win the White House, and (2) The only path for a Marco Rubio nomination is through a brokered convention that would mean the Democrats will win the White House.

The hate mail is already being written, I’m sure. With 1/3rd of the Republican Party caught in Trump’s magic spell and at least 1/6th of the party firmly behind Rubio, that means over half of the party is in denial and pushing us towards a destructive path of a Democratic victory. That means that the other half of the party must be discerning, aware, and have the common sense to see through the lies and not allow the other half to blow this. It would be a shame if, after a disastrous Obama Presidency and when faced with the weakest Democratic candidates since Michael Dukakis, that we actually have the potential of blowing it.

For the sake of attempting to convince a handful of those supporting Trump or Rubio erroneously, let’s take a brief look at the facts that make their support untenable.

Trump Can’t Win

Even if we put aside the fact that he has a lower net favorability rating than any nominee from either party in modern history, we can use common sense to see the future of a Trump nomination. We’ve seen him dominate the news cycles non-stop for eight months. The media has highlighted his antics, both good and bad, while maintaining a strange avoidance of truly negative coverage. This is extremely conspicuous to those who realize that mainstream media is left-leaning at best and downright liberal in many circles. They are the cheerleaders for the Democrats and have grown so emboldened under President Obama that many of them are unabashed in their support for liberals.

If they love Democrats and hate Trump, why haven’t they gone full-throttle on their attacks? The answer should be obvious. They’re preserving ammunition. The last thing they would ever want to do is to prevent him from getting the nomination. He’s the easiest candidate for the Democrats to beat. Some believe that he’s the only candidate they actually have a serious chance of beating. If they can propel him to the nomination, they will be able to unleash hell on him.

This is the only reason you haven’t seen investigative reports painting his greed and devious tactics through business. It’s why you haven’t heard interviews from women he’s engaged with or the families he’s hurt as a result. It’s why you haven’t heard from past business partners who had their finances annihilated by following Trump. It’s why you haven’t seen the highlights from his incredibly stupid decisions that led to the demise of multiple countries.

The Democrats and the mainstream media are licking their chops in anticipation of a Trump nomination. They can practically taste the victory that half of the Republican party is going to give them.

Rubio Needs a Brokered Convention Which Would Destroy the Party

There is no path to an outright nomination for Marco Rubio as long as Donald Trump is in the picture. His only hope is that he can prevent Trump from getting enough delegates to be nominated and that his Republican Establishment buddies can work out enough deals to make him the nominee.

This could happen. If it happens, the fracturing of the Republican Party that would ensue guarantees a victory for the Democrats just as sure as a Trump nomination does.

Rubio needed to win one of the first three states to have the necessary momentum going into the “SEC Primaries” on March 1. He didn’t. It isn’t just history that’s against him, now. It’s math. We know that there hasn’t been a nominee lose the first three states and win the nomination. We also know that he’s only within striking distance of two states on Super Tuesday. That means that he has a slight potential of winning one or two states out of the first 15.

Marco Rubio cannot win the nomination.

He knows this. The Republican Establishment knows this. Their only hope is the brokered convention. They would rather steal the nomination and hope for the best in the general election rather than allow a viable candidate like Ted Cruz to win the nomination. In essence, they’d rather lose to the Democrats but maintain control of the party rather than risk a conservative winning the White House. The last time that happened in 1980, it was hard for the Establishment to recover its power. They are less interested in the Republicans winning the White House than of retaining their won power over the party.

Ted Cruz is the Only Man Who Can Stop the Democrats

There’s only one scenario in which the Democrats do not win the White House. If Cruz wins the nomination outright or is in 1st place leading into a brokered convention, the Republicans will win in November. The other two scenarios are certain to hand the keys to the Oval Office for another 4-8 years.

Those who believe that he’s too conservative to win in the general election either weren’t alive at the time or do not remember 1980. The same things being said about Cruz were being said about Ronald Reagan. Cruz has the moral superiority to defeat Clinton and the ideological superiority to defeat Sanders. Trump and Rubio do not. Rubio would have a chance (and would likely be our candidate of choice) had he been able to win one or two of the first three primaries. His failures there combined with the unfavorable primary schedule makes that impossible.

It’s ironic that in the year the Democrats are the weakest, they’ve been able to manufacture a scenario for victory by promoting Trump and Rubio. Most on the left acknowledge a fear of a Ted Cruz nomination. Will the Republicans get that memo before it’s too late?


  1. Lynda Deming

    “Will the Republicans get that memo before it’s too late?”
    Doubtful. They are not called the Stupid Party for nothing, and what they are currently doing to Senator Cruz only supports that charge.

    Also, I find it fascinating that “Conservative Haven” who self describes as “a place where the purest ideals surrounding conservatism will be expressed and promoted. This is not a Republican blog. It’s a Conservative blog.” … would say something like this in the article:
    “Rubio would have a chance (and would likely be our candidate of choice)”

    Rubio is the consummate Republican and far from being a Conservative. Perhaps you have forgotten how he lied to get into office and then broke every on of those lies he told.

    The Republicans and the so-called Conservatives can play every dirty trick in the book, but I and many like me will NEVER vote for Trump OR Rubio. As for me and my house … we are voting for Ted Cruz … PERIOD.

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